The Otto Zimmermann company is taking big steps towards the future: with a new warehouse, Zimmermann is expanding its storage areas and a new high-performance brake test bench now enables even more comprehensive product testing. The manufacturer of brake discs and other spare parts is thus increasing its storage and testing capacities by 100 percent each, the company says.

New warehouse
Zimmermann’s automotive components are used in vehicles all over the world. The company produces up to 15,000 brake discs a day and supplies more than 4,500 spare parts worldwide to automotive manufacturers and the independent automotive aftermarket via wholesalers and specialist dealers. To create more space, Zimmermann is now building a 6,000-square-meter warehouse right next to the A6 freeway not far from the company’s site. Brake discs and other spare parts will be stored there in the future. The new warehouse is scheduled for completion in November 2021.

Zimmermann is expanding its storage areas and a new high-performance brake test bench now enables even more comprehensive product testing.

The company already built a logistics center on the site in 2016. The second warehouse doubles the storage capacity once again and simplifies operational processes by storing goods centrally. This means even better service for customers.

New brake test bench
Zimmermann is not only enlarging its storage areas, the testing and development department has also been strengthened with new machinery: the company has supplemented its existing brake test benches and testing equipment with a further brake test bench. With the new device, even more on-site inspections of articles from series production can be carried out, for example for the ECE homologation of brake discs. This will enable the company to meet safety requirements even better and to introduce new approvals more quickly. In addition, the test bench is used to incorporate test results into the further development of pads and brake disc production. For example, tests for the approval of Zimmermann Sport and FusionZ compound discs are carried out on the brake test stand. Brake discs in combination with different brake pads are tested. And the cooling behavior as well as the deformation of the discs under thermal load can also be checked here. The results contribute to quality and performance optimization.

On the new brake test bench brake discs for larger vehicles can also be tested. The test stand also has a higher braking torque and can generate a higher braking pressure, so that brake measurements can also be carried out from high speeds.

The company philosophy “The safety of our customers comes first” can now be implemented even better with the new brake tester.

The Otto Zimmermann GmbH
For more than six decades, Otto Zimmermann GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing sophisticated automotive components for car manufacturers and the independent aftermarket. In addition to standard spare parts, the company also develops sports and premium brake discs for the requirements of motorsports and tuning. Today, the production program comprises far more than 4,500 different brake components, which are distributed via wholesalers and specialist dealers in more than 60 countries worldwide. 

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