ZF Aftermarket enters 2019 with more “True Original” TRW parts with an addition of 676 parts to its Corner Module product group lines. This expansion gives more vehicles access to TRW’s high-quality OE braking, steering and suspension components.

ZF Aftermarket exhibiting at Automechanika Frankfurt. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

The TRW brand added 214 SKUs to the TRW Corner Module product ranges in the last quarter of 2018, including 136 chassis components spanning over 151 million vehicles in operation, 69 suspension components spanning more than 110 million vehicles in operation and 9 braking components spanning over 4 million vehicles in operation.

The new SKUs cover an extensive list of makes and models including:

•       Honda Odyssey 2017-2005 for control arm and ball joint assembly

•       Jeep Wrangler 2010-2007 for suspension components

•       Honda CR-V 2018-2017, Jaguar F-Type 2018-2014 and XJ 2018-2016 for brake pad kits

“We’re proud of the growth we’ve achieved with the TRW brand and the Corner Module product line over the last year,” said Brian Rassin, Product Group Manager, ZF Aftermarket. 

“Our aim is to provide our customers in the automotive aftermarket with the highest quality products possible for a wide range of applications, and this year we’ve successfully expanded even further.”

Quality Expertise

The TRW brand, a leader in automotive technology, is known for its high quality OE standards and safety components. TRW Corner Module components are designed to work together harmoniously in your vehicle, offering the total package of innovation, safety and quality.

Putting the focus on OE-quality and the engineering behind each product produced, TRW puts the attention on the product itself.

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