Women in Auto Care announces 2020 Automotive Communications award winners

New in 2020, the award submissions were judged and winners determined by volunteer members of the Auto Care Association Marketing and Communications Committee and the Automotive Communications Council (ACC).

Women in Auto Care, a community of the Auto Care Association, announced the 2020 Automotive Communications Award winners. The Automotive Communications Awards annually celebrate the communication and marketing achievements across 35 categories in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets throughout the auto care industry. New in 2020, the award submissions were judged and winners determined by volunteer members of the Auto Care Association Marketing and Communications Committee and the Automotive Communications Council (ACC).

“The use of effective marketing and communications is more important now than ever,” said Jacki Lutz, committee member, Women in Auto Care. “It is so vital that we recognize the companies communicating effectively in order to show the impact that good marketing can have on the industry. Winning these awards means these companies are doing something right that we can all learn from. Congratulations to the winners and keep up the good work!”

The award winners were formally recognized as part of the Women in Auto Care Awards Ceremony during the Virtual AAPEX Experience and throughout the year during Women in Auto Care events.

A portion of the proceeds from each award submission this year goes towards providing scholarships to women entering the automotive aftermarket industry.

The 2020 Automotive Communications Award winners are:

Business-to-Business Categories and Winners:

  • Category: Best Ad Campaign to Distribution/ Retail Audience
    Company: Continental
    Submission: Continental Autodiagnos Ad Campaign
  • Category: Best Ad Campaign to Technician/Repair Audience
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: Walker Way Campaign
  • Category: Best Ad (to Either Distribution/ Retail or Technician/ Repair Audience)
    Company: Raybestos
    Submission: Ultimate Stopping Power Ad
  • Category: Training Communications
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: Garage Gurus Mobile Automotive Training Center
  • Category: Article/ Blog/ Content Piece – Technical
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: Monroe Conversion Kit Servicegram
  • Category: Article/ Blog/ Content Piece –  General Market/Special Interest
    Company: EasyCare
    Submission: EasyCare Dealer Blog
  • Category: Newsletter
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: Customer Specific Monthly Newsletters
  • Category: Logo Design/ Usage
    Company: GWC
    Submission: GWC Logo
  • Category: Website
    Company: ADVICS/ MBE Group
    Submission: ADVICS Website
  • Category: Promotional Goods, Gear, Marketing Collateral
    Company: Snap-On Tools/ Traction Factory        
    Submission: Tiny Ratchet
  • Category: Special Promotion and/or Promotional Event
    Company: NAPA AutoCare
    Submission: NAPA AutoCare Virtual Conference
  • Category: Trade Show Booth
    Company: Brake Parts Inc/ Raybestos
    Submission: Brake Parts Inc AAPEX Booth
  • Category: Best App for Mobile Device
    Company: KYB
    Submission: 3 Minute Mile Road Test App
  • Category: Use of Video – Technical
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus Technology Animation
  • Category: Use of Video – General Market/Special Interest
    Company: Snap-On Tools/ Traction Factory        
    Submission: Kick-Off Anthem
  • Category: Best 360-Degree Marketing Campaign
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: MOOG Problem Solver Technologies Campaign

Business-to-Consumer Categories and Winners:

  • Category: Television Commercial(s)
    Company: AutoNetTV Media, Inc.
    Submission: TV Commercial Templates
  • Category: Print Ad
    Company: Pep Boys Marketing Team
    Submission: Fleet Ad
  • Category: Digital Display Ad
    Company: AutoNetTV Media, Inc.
    Submission: Digital Display Ads
  • Category: Direct Mail Piece, Brochure, Booklets, Handout
    Company: AutoNetTV Media, Inc.
    Submission: Evergreen Car Care Brochure
  • Category: Article/ Blog/ Content Piece 
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: Wagner Brake Pad Buying Guide
  • Category: Video
    Company: Topel’s Service Center
    Submission: In This Together
  • Category: Repair Facility/ Store Customer Promotion
    Company: NAPA AutoCare         
    Submission: First Responders Oil Change Offer
  • Category: Consumer/ Community event
    Company: Pep Boys Marketing Team
    Submission: Keys to Progress
  • Category: Best Billboard
    Company: Pep Boys Marketing Team
    Submission: Red Door
  • Category: Website
    Company: DRiV, Inc.
    Submission: All-New Garagegurus.tech Site and LMS System
  • Category: Website (Specifically for Independent Repair Shops)
    Company: NAPA AutoCare         
    Submission: NAPA AutoCare Website for Consumers
  • Category: Social Media Campaign
    Company: Pep Boys Marketing Team
    Submission: Tech of the Year
  • Category: Social Media Campaign (Specifically for Independent Repair Shops)
    Company: Robert Bosch LLC
    Submission: Social Media Campaign for Independent Repair Shops
  • Category: Media Outreach to Non-English Speaking Audiences
    Company: Bosch + Bailey Lauerman
    Submission: No Rain Checks Wiper Campaign
  • Category: Radio or Podcast
    Company: Pep Boys Marketing Team
    Submission: Reconnect Radio
  • Category: Outreach to Female Audience
    Company: Ziebart International Corporation
    Submission: Z-Moms Campaign
  • Category: Co-Op Advertising (Repair Shop Partnered with Manufacturer/ Distributor to Market)
    Company: Pep Boys Marketing Team
    Submission: Summer Road Trip Campaign
  • Category: Merchandising (Point of Purchase, Displays, On/Off Shelf Merchandising)
    Company: NAPA AutoCare
    Submission: NAPA Believes in ALL Heroes Shirts
  • Category: Best 360-Degree Marketing Campaign
    Company: Bosch + Bailey Lauerman
    Submission: No Rain Checks Wiper Campaign

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