What’s the purpose of a trade show booth visit?

Inviting journalists to a trade show booth should be part of a company's strategy for expanding its brand awareness for several reasons.

What’s a booth visit?

In my work as a journalist, I use certain terms all the time and probably — and most likely, wrongly — assume people just know what I’m talking about.

That probably happens all too often in the aftermarket! In many industries and fields, there are all kinds of terms that after a while, professionals get used to using and just assume everyone on the planet knows those terms, too.

So, if you ever get a request from me for a “booth visit,” here’s what that is:

I stop by your booth at an appointed time to get a rundown of all the latest products and services your company offers. I usually get video and photos to use either during the show or at a later date. Interviewing one or more people — if there’s time — is part of a booth visit. And a special note: I’m quite good at identifying potential customers who may visit the booth while I’m there. At that point, I stand aside so you can or your colleagues can help that prospect. After all, it’s more important for you to make the sale!

Inviting journalists to a trade show booth should be part of a company’s strategy for expanding its brand awareness for a few reasons.

Firstly, journalists like me can help to spread the word about the company’s products or services to a wider audience through our reporting. This can help to increase the company’s visibility and reach potential customers who may not have otherwise heard about the company.

Secondly, having journalists visit your company’s show booth can provide an opportunity for the company to showcase its products and services to a more targeted audience. This can help to generate positive media coverage and potentially lead to more sales for the company.

Finally, inviting journalists to a booth can help to establish the company as an industry leader and thought leader. This can help to build credibility and trust with potential customers, which can be beneficial for the company’s reputation and bottom line.

I can’t wait to see your company during a booth visit!

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