What can you expect at Automechanika Frankfurt? Show Director Olaf Mußhoff gives a preview

Automechanika Frankfurt expects more than 4,000 exhibitors for this year’s show, confirms the show’s director, Olaf Mußhoff.

In a video update posted today, Mußhoff explains, “This reflects the high internationality of the industry and of Automechanika Frankfurt.” The more than 4,000 exhibitors will come from 80 countries, he says.

“And it’s not just about the figures. We are also welcoming back companies which have not exhibited for quite a while like paint companies, but also new players in the markets like consulting companies for the circular economy and sustainability questions,” Mußhoff says. “So come here, see and experience the entire world of the automotive aftermarket.”

Automechanika Frankfurt, scheduled for September 10-14, 2024, will emphasize sustainability, artificial intelligence, automation and developing new talent. These key topics will be woven throughout the event program.

For more details and to stay updated on the event program, visit the Automechanika website.

Event Theme and Focus

This year’s theme highlights the industry’s transition towards sustainability, artificial intelligence, automation and the crucial task of recruiting the next generation of professionals. The comprehensive event program ensures these key topics are addressed across various sessions and activities.

Training and Education Opportunities

Automechanika Frankfurt invites industry professionals to immerse themselves in a variety of training and educational opportunities. The event will offer panels discussing the latest trends and workshops providing hands-on experiences with new products and solutions. This year, the emphasis on knowledge sharing is stronger than ever, encouraging attendees to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Madeleine Meldoth, of Scandinavian Automotive G.R.X Consulting, develops current and new markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Pacific, Baltics and southeast Europe. Read more about her here.

Attracting and Nurturing Young Talent

A significant focus this year is on attracting and nurturing young talent. The student area will provide detailed information on training opportunities within the automotive sector. Additionally, the new “Ambition” area is designed to appeal to Generation Z by blending gaming, lifestyle, music, and future technologies, making it a unique attraction for young professionals and students.

Networking and Exchange

The theme of this year’s fair, “Exchange speeds up change,” underscores the importance of collaboration in driving technological advancements. Automechanika serves as an international hub where automotive professionals can connect, share insights, and explore new technologies together. Theme-specific networking lounges located throughout the exhibition halls will provide ideal venues for meaningful conversations.

A highlight of the daily schedule is the happy hour on Agora at 5 p.m., where live music and drinks offer a relaxed atmosphere for attendees to unwind, make new contacts, and conclude their day at the trade fair on a positive note.

Classic Car Enthusiasts

Automechanika Frankfurt is not just about the future; it also celebrates the past. Classic car professionals are invited under the motto “Where passion meets business” to discuss topics such as digital parts procurement, talent recruitment, and paint solutions. Hall 11.1 will host panels and presentations, while classic and collectible cars will be on display, offering a nostalgic experience for visitors.

A standout event for classic car lovers will be the “Rhein-Main-Klassik” Rally, which includes a stop at the fairground. This rally, featuring 100 classic cars spanning over a century of automotive history, will connect the city and the countryside, linking past and future in a unique celebration of automotive heritage.

Support for Young Companies

Emerging companies have a unique opportunity to showcase their innovations at Automechanika Frankfurt. The fair offers a dedicated start-up area with attractive conditions, helping young businesses gain visibility at this premier industry event. This platform is perfect for networking with international industry leaders and discovering new business opportunities in a vibrant and supportive environment.

Exhibitor Information and Visa Applications

Prospective attendees can explore the list of exhibiting companies through the online exhibitor search, ensuring they are well-prepared for their visit. Given the potential for extended processing times, visitors are advised to apply for their visas to Germany as early as possible.

Tailored Content and Participation

Automechanika Frankfurt aims to cater to the diverse interests of its attendees by offering a voting system for personalized newsletter content. Visitors can express their preferences on topics such as Accessories & Customizing, Fleet Management, Education & Training, Body & Paint, Classic Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Parts & Components, Workshop Equipment & Tools, and Car Wash Care & Detailing.

Automechanika Academy and Workshops

Educational offerings at Automechanika include the Automechanika Academy, which provides a range of lectures, panels, and tech talks. These sessions cover critical industry developments, including sustainability, e-mobility, and the latest in diagnostic and repair technologies. Attendees can also benefit from free practical seminars in the body and paint sector, detailing workshops, and further training sessions in areas like commercial vehicles and caravans.

Ambition – The Future of the Automotive Aftermarket

The Ambition area in Hall 3.1 is designed to attract Generation Z by integrating gaming, innovative technologies, and live entertainment. This space is perfect for companies looking to connect with the younger demographic in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Talents4AA Initiative

Automechanika Frankfurt continues its commitment to nurturing young talent through the Talents4AA initiative. Supported by many companies, this initiative aims to inspire and recruit the next generation of professionals for the automotive aftermarket. The initiative will be prominently featured at the event, providing a valuable meeting place for young professionals and potential employers.

Automechanika Frankfurt 2024 is set to be an unmissable event, offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and showcasing the latest innovations in the automotive industry.

For more details and to stay updated on the event program, visit the Automechanika website.

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