Wallbox, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions worldwide, will unveil Hypernova, the company’s fastest and most sophisticated public charging station yet, at the IAA MOBILITY 2021 show in Munich next week. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, there is a need for reliable public chargers that are ultrafast, long-lasting and easy to repair.

“We are thrilled to unveil our fastest  public charger to date, which can fully charge an electric vehicle in under 15 minutes,” said Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox. “These advanced, ultra-fast but also reliable chargers will help address a huge pain point for the industry and are the first step towards the infrastructure needed to build the electric corridors required for countries to make the full transition towards electric vehicles.”

Hypernova can deliver up to 350 kiloWatts (kW) that allows it to fully charge an electric car in the time it takes to make a rest stop and is substantially faster than the majority of other ultrafast chargers on the market. It also employs advanced software that allows it to optimize available power and adapt to the number of EVs connected,making it ideal for public charging along  highways and transcontinental road networks.

Hypernova features state-of-the-art  liquid cooling and CCS connectors. Its integrated cable management system ensures easy handling and stores the cables inside the dispenser unit, maximizing durability and helping to protect and keep the installation clean. It also offers several authentication and payment options, including RFID, screen QR Code and credit card reader with worldwide acceptance. Production and deliveries of Hypernova will initiate in early 2023.

The incorporation of Hypernova will complement Wallbox’s other public charger, Supernova, which is due to begin production later this year and will also be on display at IAA MOBILITY 2021. Supernova is the next generation of fast-charging, offering both reliable and efficient operation at up to half the investment of similar chargers. Its light and modular design offers unprecedented flexibility, easier transportation, effortless installation and simpler access for maintenance.

All of Wallbox’s public chargers and services are designed with four principles to make them easy to operate and scalable:

RELIABILITY – Maximizing uptime to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs. 
EFFICIENCY – Delivering more power with optimal resource utilization.
USER CENTRICITY – Providing the best possible fast charging experience to attract more drivers, increase turnover and reduce customer callbacks.
FLEXIBILITY – Providing a future-proof solution, with simple alternatives to increase its power as well as compatibility with today’s and tomorrow’s electric vehicles

Wallbox offers a full range of solutions throughout the whole lifecycle, which can be tailored to each customer’s needs. 

“Our focus in building this suite of public charging solutions has been to help charge point operators increase their revenue while reducing maintenance costs and providing future-proof solutions,” said Eduard Castañeda, CPO and co-founder of Wallbox. “This, combined with the customer focus we put into all our charging solutions ensures that our public chargers serve both our partners and the EV drivers who will use them day to day.”

For additional information, please visit www.wallbox.com.

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