Two Taiwan companies forge partnership for telematics video solution

The partnership between TUTK and OTUS can help fleet telematics service providers rapidly develop and launch new video- based services to their fleet customers, says Patrick Kuo, CEO of TUTK.

ThroughTek Co., Ltd. — known as TUTK — a global leader in P2P video streaming technology, and OTUS, an established expert in video/image camera solutions, announced their partnership for fleet video solution, where TUTK offers web-based video player, video streaming connection, cloud recording, and OTUS offers Wi-Fi-enabled HD dual-lens dashcam.

The two companies had previously collaborated on solution development for an FMS provider who wanted to add video viewing functionality into a web-based fleet management platform and connect a dashcam with a Wi-Fi hotspot enabled telematics device. Based on the success case, TUTK and OTUS officially formalized the partnership to provide flexible and turnkey video solution to the fleet market.

Most connected dashcams today send video data via RTMP to a content distribution network video server which then transfers video and audio data to the viewers, thereby incurring costs associated with server development, setup, management, and bandwidth usage. TUTK’s WebRTC-based P2P video streaming solution with support for JSON command can be easily embedded into web-based fleet management platform for instant live view from any browser without a middle server, thereby significantly reducing costs and simplifying the solution’s adoption, the companies say. The solution has built-in support for DTLS and SRTP for data encryption and message authentication which ensure data security. It also has fast data transfer and provides ultra-low latency.

“OTUS has a quality dashcam built for commercial fleet management that is already equipped with our SDK, and fleet platforms simply need to embed our video player via iframes to enable multi-channel camera viewing. The partnership between TUTK and OTUS can help fleet telematics service providers rapidly develop and launch new video- based services to their fleet customers,” says Patrick Kuo, CEO of TUTK.

Traditional dashcams have limited cloud connectivity not suitable for the booming video telematics applications. OTUS’ dual-lens dashcam solution features easy to integrate API for fleet management platform to access event videos and live video streaming directly from the dashcam. Videos can also be accessed via Wi-Fi hotspot enabled GPS tracking devices by issuing API commands. Moreover, OTUS dashcam can generate HDR enabled ultra-high quality video footages which are also securely protected in the tamper-proof internal SD storage technology for demanding evidence preservation purposes.

“TUTK’s WebRTC solution and OTUS’ connected dashcam make a great match, offering a cost-effective in-vehicle video solution for the fleet management market. This integrated system provides fast time-to-market solution, quickly enabling an in- vehicle video service for any fleet management system provider. OTUS also has A.I. features to monitor drivers’ physical states, such as fatigue, distraction, smoking, and phone use, and is actively developing additional features like Face ID in its efforts to become a top tier total in-vehicle video solution supplier,” says Howard Chang, Director at OTUS.

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