TPMS manufacturers team up with TIA for ‘Update Your TPMS Tools!’ initiative

The campaign addresses the problem encountered by technicians who may neglect or forget regular software updates, particularly in light of the emergence of the newest generation of TPMS sensors. 

A consortium of TPMS tool and sensor manufacturers, including Continental, Schrader, ATEQ and Bartec, has joined the Tire Industry Association (TIA) to launch a nationwide public service initiative, “Update Your TPMS Tools!” 

The campaign addresses the problem encountered by technicians who may neglect or forget regular software updates, particularly in light of the emergence of the newest generation of TPMS sensors. 

Keeping software updated allows technicians to prevent TPMS service hitches and unnecessary delays, ultimately enhancing customer service. The rollout of the “Update Your TPMS Tools!” campaign coincides with National Tire Safety Week, an annual drive by the US Tire Manufacturers Association to educate motorists about tire safety and upkeep as a crucial part of road safety.

“As a TPMS sensor manufacturer and TPMS tool supplier, Continental understands the critical importance of keeping TPMS Tool software updated to ensure successful TPMS service,” says Peter Dobrowolski, Product Manager, TPMS and TPMS Tools, Automotive Aftermarket, North America, Smart Mobility business area, Continental. “Our TPMS training team meets with hundreds of shops and professional technicians annually to educate the market on TPMS topics and this issue continues to be one we need to communicate.”

Scot Holloway, CEO of Bartec USA, says keeping TPMS tools current is more important than ever. “When tool features, vehicle coverage, and programmable sensor coverage are continuously improving, having the very latest in TPMS Tool Software means you can service more vehicles,” he says. “The ‘Update Don’t Wait’ campaign is about spreading that message and creating more awareness in the tire service space, something each of us take very seriously.”

“I want to stress the importance of the ‘Update Your TPMS Tools!’ campaign. Things are moving fast in the world of TPMS sensors, so it’s crucial for technicians to keep their TPMS tool software up to date,” says says Yanick Leduc, Global Technical Training Manager at Schrader TPMS Solutions. “By doing so, they’ll provide faster and more successful TPMS service and avoid unnecessary hassles. Our aim is to support technicians in delivering top-notch customer service by emphasizing the significance of updated tool software. So join us in spreading the news about this campaign, updating your tool software regularly, and taking your TPMS service to the next level!”

“TPMS tool manufacturers are routinely releasing software updates throughout the year,” says Shawn Pease, Director of Automotive Tire Service at Tire Industry Association. “Many factors can initiate a software change, such as new sensor technologies, vehicle model introductions, or vehicle recalls. Keeping the TPMS tool software up to date helps ensure faster, more successful TPMS service with fewer comebacks.”

According to recent findings, about 35% of technicians haven’t updated their TPMS tool software in the past year. This neglect becomes critical when dealing with the latest TPMS sensors, which require the most recent TPMS Tool software for effective service. The campaign aims not only to remind technicians and shops about the importance of keeping their tool software current and performing a sensor relearn when rotating tires or executing TPMS service but also to highlight the frequent neglect of the latter, one of the most common reasons for TPMS service redos. Surveys reveal that nearly 20% of technicians don’t consistently perform the relearn during tire service.

Technicians can access software update downloads for many widely-used TPMS tools on the “Update Your TPMS Tools!” campaign website. Alternatively, updates can also be found on individual tool manufacturers’ websites. The campaign website,, also includes a technician survey with an incentive: participants stand a chance to win one of five $100 Amazon gift cards. 

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