Fumbling with a smartphone while driving in many U.S. states is not only dangerous, but can be illegal. Holding, dialing or texting on a phone while driving is generally a terrible idea. 

The good people at Limitless Innovations recently sent me one of their devices to put through its paces. It’s the ChargeHub Auto Phone Mount & Wireless Charge. I’ve seen many variations of these types of devices through the years. These accessories place the smartphone in a dedicated space where they can be utilized at a glance if necessary, while at the same time, keeping the phone charged.

The ChargeHub Auto Phone Mount & Wireless Charger has one of the handiest features I would look for in such a mounting device — motorized arms that secure my iPhone into place.

Here’s what happens: Once your vehicle is turned on, you place the phone into the cradle. The cradle recognizes it and begins wirelessly charging and the motorized arms quickly swoop in to secure your phone. A light touch on sensors on either side of the phone quickly open the arms and release the phone.

I’ve been using the device for several weeks now and can report that it’s the best of the smartphone chargers I’ve used. The motorized arms mean you’re less likely to bump the dashboard or other attachments around. The most aggravating factor  with many mounts is that after a period of time, they come loose. This hasn’t happened once with the ChargeHub’s dashboard mount. Here in Ohio, the weather this winter has been a little odd, going between 70 degrees a few days ago to snow. So, there have been plenty of humidity changes which would dismount most chargers. The ChargeHub has stayed right in place. 

My iPhone X, like many new(er) phones features wireless charging and the ChargeHub’s 10-watt fast charger goes a long way to topping off my phone by the time I arrive at my destination. If your phone doesn’t have wireless charging, your phone’s usual charging cable will fit perfectly in the open space at the bottom of the ChargeHub.

The ChargeHub includes a 2-Port USB car charger and a 32-inch USB-A to Type-C cable. Here are some of the ChargeHub’s other features:

•10W FAST WIRELESS CHARGER: provides the fastest charge to any wireless compatible device.

•2x USB PORT VEHICLE CHARGER: with patented SmartSpeed Technology and 3.0A Quick Charge to power any 2 USB devices simultaneously.

•UNIVERSAL SUCTION CUP: can attach to any windshield, dash, center council, or table surface. The silicone suction cup can be washed between uses for a durable hold.

•AIR VENT CLIP: will attach to virtually any vehicle air vent to display a device in a convenient and centralized location.

•AUTO PHONE DETECTION: automatically grips and secures a phone when placed on the Foot of the Mount. Simply tap the touch sensor to release!

•TELESCOPING ARM: features 180-degree pivot and adjustable 3- to 5-inch expansion to create the perfect device positioning.

•WHAT’S INCLUDED: ChargeHub+ Auto Phone Mount and Wireless Charger, Air Vent Clip, Dashboard/Window Mount, 2-Port Car Charger with Quick Charge, 36” Type-C to USB Cable, User Manual, and 1-Year Limited Warranty!

It retails for $59.99 and can be found at www.limitlessinnovations.com.

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