Today we’re looking at the 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro, what I would call a next-generation of dash cam with features such as parking monitoring and ADAS.

This unit features a 500mah battery.

In the box, you get the mount, the dash cam, a long power cord, a cigarette lighter adapter, pretty much everything you need to get it up and running.

The only missing piece is a micro SD card, which can be bought very cheaply. Just make sure it’s a class 10 or above micro SD for this unit.

There is a companion app which runs on Android and iOS. I downloaded and registered the app, but didn’t really use it for the purposes of this review. The unit works fine without it. However, the unit features wifi and you need to use the app in order to bring that feature to life.

The resolution of the picture is excellent. I could easily make out the license plates of most any vehicle the unit captured while I was driving. This unit features a Sony IMX335 image sensor and captures a 1944-pixel image, which is 2.5 times the pixels and clarity of 1080p. The frame rate is 30fps and the unit features a 140-degree field of view, which is plenty to capture all that happens in front of a vehicle.

There are basically four buttons on this dash cam. It has a long, skinny power button and then four feature buttons.

The menus for this dash cam are among the best I’ve ever used. Plenty of dash cams out there have some very confusing menus but this isn’t one of them. The menus also are easy to understand and feature a checkmark to close out of the individual settings.

This dash cam has voice control and a parking mode so that when the vehicle is bumped, a sensor turns on the recording to capture what’s going on.

Overall, this 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro is an excellent dash cam, proving great image quality.

The unit can be bought from Amazon or AliExpress here.

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