Taiwan Excellence hosted a news conference at AAPEX Tuesday to announce new products featuring advanced technology from Taiwanese companies.

Francis Hou, deputy director, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office – Economic Division in Los Angeles. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

The announcement featured introductions of new automotive-focused products from Noodoe Corporation, EverFocus Electronics Corp. and Techman Robot Inc. The annual Taiwan Excellence Awards represent the highest achievement awarded to Taiwanese products and are given to companies that bring revolutionary and high-quality innovations to market. Both EverFocus Electronics Corp. and Techman Robot Inc. are past recipients of the Taiwan Excellence Award.

Included below are details about the new products that were introduced at the AAPEX news conference and are currently on display at booth #8034:

EverFocus Electronics Corp.

Henry Chen, product manager at EverFocus Electronics Corp. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

For over 20 years, EverFocus has been a leader in sophisticated vehicle electronic monitoring and surveillance systems. The new AI Smart Surveillance Industrial Computer (eIVP5600) is the first fanless, mobile NVR product that was designed to serve as an in-vehicle network video recorder platform. This innovative product features an intelligent and resilient design, offering loitering detection to protect vehicles. The smart surveillance system can be installed in fleet vehicles to prevent freight or equipment theft and can be used in mass transit fleets to ensure the safety of passengers by providing real-time surveillance footage and access to traffic and road conditions. The product features a built-in 7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor and Intel® Movidius™ AI core module to ensure optimal computing performance.

“EverFocus understands that maintaining the safety of passengers should be the number one priority of the automotive industry, whether it is in passenger cars, buses, trains or fleets,” said Henry Chen, product manager at EverFocus Electronics Corp. “The AI Smart Surveillance Industrial Computer delivers a powerful security solution for customers worldwide that will meet the needs of the vehicle aftermarket industry.”

EverFocus has been an Intel® ISA General member of the IoT Solutions Alliance since October 2019.

Techman Robot Inc.

Francis Huang, senior account manager at Techman Robot, Inc. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

Techman Robot is launching a new collaborative robot (TM5) that features smart and simple designs to optimize collaboration between robots and humans. The product is the only collaborative robot that features a vision system (TMvision) which offers greater precision in manufacturing settings. The robot is pre-programmed with TMflow function software that allows operators to handle the robot with significant ease. The product’s simplistic design includes a robotic arm (equipped with TMvision and TMflow), as well as task-compatible end effectors and peripherals that work together seamlessly. The TM5 can be easily integrated with an automated guided vehicle for applications that require mobility to switch between multiple workstations, and has applications for assembling, packaging, injection molding, quality inspection, soldering, tending, metal polishing, screwdriving for auto parts and conveyor tracking. The TM Robot has a wide range of uses for warehouse distributers that include picking products, placing selected boxes onto a conveyer rail and applying product labels to packages to expedite the distribution process.

“The Techman collaborative robots are designed to optimize the collaboration between robots and humans, particularly in environments, or with tasks, that are unsafe for human workers,” said Francis Huang, senior account manager at Techman Robot, Inc. “The TM5 robot represents the seamless integration of automation into automotive manufacturing sites to improve working conditions and streamline production.”

Noodoe Corporation

Noodoe provides service automation solutions that transform parking lots into hands-off revenue generators. The Noodoe EV S1000, a Level 2 commercial charging station, encapsulates what makes the company different. At the heart of the station is the Noodoe EV OS, one of the world’s most advanced cloud-based operating systems, serving as the “brain” that fully automates the 24/7 service delivery and universal payment processing. With Noodoe EV OS, any EV driver can charge their vehicle, and select their preferred payment method, without having to set up an account. As automotive centers and repair shops begin servicing the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, shops can install EV charging stations at their locations to ensure that costumers leave in a fully charged vehicle after they come in for repairs. The Noodoe EV S1000 is fully autonomous and won’t require any additional staff training.

“Noodoe’s cloud-based smart EV charging stations provide easy and accessible charging and turn business parking lots into revenue generators,” said Jennifer Chang, CEO of Noodoe. “We are excited to bring our technology to AAPEX and to continue our efforts to accelerate the world’s transition to electric transportation.”

Jennifer Chang, CEO of Noodoe, which focuses on intelligent EV charging services. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

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