Taipei AMPA/AutoTronics and E-Mobility Taiwan 2024: A showcase of automotive innovation

Joanne Chien of Shih Hsiang Auto Parts discusses the company's innovations at the show.

The Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 recently hosted the milestone 40th Taipei International Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show (Taipei AMPA) and the 19th Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (Autotronics Taipei). Held simultaneously was 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan.

Organized by TAITRA and co-organized by the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA), Taiwan Rubber & Elastomer Industries Association (TREIA) and for Autotronics Taipei, the Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA) along with TTVMA and the Mobility Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (mTARC), these events brought together nearly 1,000 exhibitors across more than 2,800 booths, drawing industry leaders, automotive and motorcycle manufacturers, enthusiasts and global attendees. This year’s themes focused on innovation, sustainability, safety and collaboration within the automotive industry.

The 40th Taipei AMPA focused on showcasing a wide range of parts and components, including automotive lighting, customizing & accessories, diagnostics & maintenance, car care, motorcycle parts & accessories, automotive safety equipment & systems, and alternative fuel vehicles & solutions.

The 19th Autotronics Taipei highlighted innovations in automobile electronic products and components, underscoring the rapid advancements in automobile electronics.

James Huang, chairman of TAITRA, opened the event with enthusiasm.

“The car as we know it today will become a smart, self-driving space that does more than just getting us from point A to B. But we’re not only talking about cars that can take us further. We’re saying that the way we move is about to get a whole lot more interesting,” Huang said. “We’re entering a new world of three-sixty (360) degree Mobility, thanks to innovations in areas like AI and low-Earth orbit satellites.”

“Let’s take a look at what’s changing and how. First off, AI is completely changing the game for cars, turning them into spaces for work and recreation,” Huang said. “Next up, sustainability. It’s the word on everyone’s lips, pushing everyone to think green from the ground up: materials, operations, supply chains, you name it. Then there is safety: the most important thing. We’re seeing all new technologies in monitoring systems and autonomous driving, making our roads safer. And let’s not forget about partnerships. From car makers to tech giants and telecom companies, it’s all about joining forces to create something new and exciting.”

“That’s why we’re all here at 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan, Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei,” he said. “As we embark on this journey to 360-degree mobility, we’re not only looking ahead, we’re also reimagining mobility for a smarter, greener future.”

Here is a sampling of the companies that took part in the exhibitions:

ETREEGO showcased their expertise in EV control systems, highlighting over a decade of research and development in this area. They introduced their 350kW DC charger, PRIME, which has been recognized for its excellence and recently achieved UL certification, indicating its safety and efficiency. ETREEGO also announced plans for expansion into North America, aiming to meet the increasing demand for reliable EV charging infrastructure.

mTARC (Mobility Taiwan Auto Research Consortium)
mTARC displayed a range of innovative solutions at the event, including advancements in autonomous vehicle technologies and smart transportation systems. One of their key features was a low-latency V2V communication solution that enhances urban autonomous driving capabilities. Another significant exhibit was their visual-based AI driving test system, designed to streamline the driver’s license testing process in Japan.

COPLUS has evolved from manufacturing basic automotive parts to becoming a leader in automotive lighting solutions. This year, they showcased their latest developments in LED technology, including dual-function fog and daytime running lights that set new industry standards for performance and safety.

TW Racing Parts Inc.
TW Racing Parts Inc. highlighted their high-performance automotive components, including coilovers, brake systems, air suspension kits, and custom wheels. They introduced new technologies that allow for more precise adjustments and enhanced performance, catering to both everyday drivers and professional racers.

Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd. (NHC)
Nan Hoang has been a leader in producing high-quality friction materials for over six decades. This year, they highlighted their latest developments in non-asbestos friction materials designed to perform under extreme conditions, suitable for racing and heavy machinery.

2035 E-Mobility Taiwan Showcases Future of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles in Taipei

The 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan exhibition left attendees and exhibitors buzzing with excitement about the future of electric and autonomous vehicles. Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), this event served as a vibrant platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaborations in the rapidly evolving e-mobility landscape.

The event attracted numerous international participants who had the opportunity to explore a variety of exhibits, ranging from complete e-mobility solutions, such as electric buses and passenger vehicles, to advanced subsystems for autonomous vehicles including ADAS, LiDAR, and AI technologies. Notable were the introductions of smart cockpit technologies and human-vehicle interfaces that promise to enhance the driving experience.

A significant highlight of the show was the focus on smart transportation solutions, featuring innovations in traffic management, smart parking systems, and high-precision mapping technologies. These advancements are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the infrastructure required to support the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles.

The exhibit also spotlighted the latest in electric vehicle machinery and smart charging solutions, presenting state-of-the-art electrical machines, control units, and energy management systems. Moreover, the event emphasized the importance of sustainability with displays on battery recycling and energy storage solutions, signaling a strong commitment to environmental consciousness within the industry.

For emerging companies, the XMobility section provided a platform for startups established since January 1, 2019, to showcase their contributions to the e-mobility sector, highlighting the role of innovation and fresh ideas in driving the industry forward.

By facilitating a wealth of business meetings and seminars, 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan not only showcased current technological achievements but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations and business models in the e-mobility domain. As the curtains close on this year’s event, the industry looks forward with anticipation to the next gathering, set to further unveil the exciting potential of electric and autonomous vehicles.

The next Taipei AMPA/AutoTronics and E-Mobility Taiwan 2035 are set for April 23-26, 2025.

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