Sylvania Automotive brings advanced dash cameras to market

Sylvania Automotive Roadsight dash cameras enhance the driving experience with modernized safety features, improved visibility and better recording capabilities, the company says.

Sylvania Automotive announced the availability of its dash camera line, Sylvania Roadsight. These advanced dash cameras bring Sylvania Automotive’s legacy of quality and reliability to a growing segment as more drivers look for technology that can improve their safety on the road and offer peace of mind. Thanks to the variety of product features and price points available across the Sylvania Roadsight line, which include an ultra-compact design, high-resolution video, an extra-wide field of view, lane departure as well as front collision warning systems, drivers can easily find a Sylvania Automotive dash camera that is tailored to fit their specific needs. 

“Any car on the road today, regardless of its make or model, can benefit from the safety and security features available across the new SylvaniaRoadsight dash camera line. These innovative solutions are easy to install and affordable enough to fit any budget,” said Henning Bohnhorst, Director, Product Segment Beyond Lightsource at Sylvania Automotive. “As a leader in aftermarket lighting solutions, we’re thrilled to bring our automotive expertise and innovative technology to this market. We’ve made sure that adding a Sylvania Roadsight camera system to your vehicle will truly improve your driving experience, offer enhanced safety features and bring you greater peace of mind wherever you go.”

The Sylvania Roadsight product line will bring five new options to drivers: Roadsight BasicRoadsight PlusRoadsight ProRoadsight Stealth andRoadsight Rear, empowering drivers to find an aftermarket solution that fits their individual needs and budget.

All Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras provide drivers with crystal-clear, wide angle, HD looped video recordings of road interactions and include intelligent road collision detection that automatically saves footage, in case of an accident. 

A breakdown of other features is available by model below:

  • Roadsight Basic: 110-degree field of view, 720p HD looped video recording and collision detection available for $79.99 MSRP
  • Roadsight Plus: 120-degree field of view, 1080p HD looped video recording, enhanced night vision and collision detection available for $99.99 MSRP
  • Roadsight Pro: 130-degree field of view, 1296p HD looped video recording, GPS integration, lane departure alerts, enhanced night vision and collision detection available for $149.99 MSRP
  • Roadsight Stealth: 140-degree field of view, 1440p HD looped video recording, a sleek and easy-to-install screenless design, along with all other features offered throughout the product line available for $159.99 MSRP
  • Roadsight Rear: A rear camera mount that attaches to Roadsight Pro or Stealth providing an additional 140-degree field of view behind your vehicle, available for $59.99 MSRP

These Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras also offer value-added extras in the box including a 16GB Micro SD card, a power cable with an extra USB port and a trim removal tool to help neatly hide wires during installation. While these accessories are not typically included with other dash cameras on the market, Sylvania Automotive wants to help customers set-up their new camera systems quickly and easily. The full line of Sylvania Roadsight solutions will be available at Advance Auto Parts® and now online at

As the leader in automotive aftermarket solutions across North America, Sylvania Automotive aims to improve your driving experience. Whether you seek greater safety, performance enhancement or peace of mind, Sylvania Automotive’ s aftermarket solutions ensure you will be ready for anything on the road ahead. By leveraging its technical expertise to develop a well-designed dash camera line that meets the needs of the marketplace, Sylvania Automotive is continuing its core mission to deliver safe, reliable aftermarket solutions. To learn more, visit website.


SYLVANIA Automotive is part of OSRAM Americas, a group of OSRAM companies located in North and South America. As a global company with a history dating back 110 years and businesses around the world, OSRAM’s innovation, ingenuity, technical prowess and industry know-how represent a winning combination for our partners and our consumers. SYLVANIA Automotive is professional, reliable and committed to aftermarket solutions, representing a winning combination for our partners and our consumers. As a member of the OSRAM family, SYLVANIAAutomotive’s integrated, in-house skills allow for the development of products from research and design to engineering and manufacturing.SYLVANIA Automotive’s long history of delivering innovative aftermarket solutions continues to drive its mission to create a safer and more connected road for everyone. To learn more, visit our website.

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