Stellantis and Valeo pioneer remanufactured ADAS camera, advancing circular economy and sustainability

The product, developed at Valeo's Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers, France, is set to redefine the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) market under Stellantis's SUSTAINera European REMAN range.

Mino Yamamoto, Valeo Group Circular Economy Director, left, and Alison Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Circular Economy for Stellantis seen at Rematec Amsterdam in June. Photos by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

Stellantis and Valeo have unveiled the first remanufactured windshield-mounted video camera, marking a significant milestone in their shared commitment to a Circular Economy business model, the companies announced. 

The product, developed at Valeo’s Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers, France, is set to redefine the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) market under Stellantis’s SUSTAINera European REMAN range.

Both companies exhibited at Rematec Amsterdam in June.

Stellantis and Valeo, with a history of successful collaboration, are taking a giant leap towards sustainable automotive manufacturing. The remanufacturing extends the life of used products, restoring them to their original performance and functionality while offering the same warranty as new parts. This process is a cornerstone in both companies’ strategies to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038.

“This is a great example of Stellantis and Valeo delivering new Remanufacturing products through Collaborative Supplier-Customer development for a Sustainable Future,” says Alison Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Circular Economy for Stellantis. “Together, we are committed to achieving our challenge of being carbon net zero, ensuring sustainability for our customers, employees, company and planet.”

Stellantis’s SUSTAINera label boasts a vast range of 13,000 remanufactured automotive spare parts, including turbochargers, electronic control units, and high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles. Valeo stands out as a key supplier with its extensive portfolio, covering six product families.

“With a vision to make a positive contribution to preserve our planet’s resources, Valeo is continuously pushing boundaries to develop innovative solutions that promote the circular economy,” said Mino Yamamoto, Valeo Group Circular Economy Director. “Thanks to the upskilling of our employees in the Circular Electronics Lab of Nevers and successful collaboration with Stellantis, we are proud to expand our Reman range with the first remanufactured video cameras.”      

Read my interview with Alison Jones.

The collaboration aims to drive innovation in remanufacturing, particularly in the fields of electrification and ADAS. Valeo’s Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers is a hub for rapid, high-quality product development, testing, and delivery, demonstrating their unique approach to remanufacturing.

The newly launched video camera, a first from Valeo, offers the same performance and a 2-year warranty as new parts while saving up to 99 percent of natural resources compared to manufacturing new cameras. This product is a significant addition to the SUSTAINera range, now encompassing 38 product lines, and is a testament to Stellantis’s role as a trailblazer in the automotive industry.

Furthermore, Stellantis and Valeo are making strides in sustainable packaging. The remanufactured video cameras are the first to utilize SUSTAINera’s eco-friendly packaging, made from recycled materials and designed for reusability, aligning with upcoming EU legislation on waste reduction.

Recognizing the importance of skilled labor in advancing the circular economy, both companies are investing in employee development. Initiatives like the Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers and Stellantis’s SUSTAINera Circular Economy Hub at the Mirafiori site in Italy are prime examples of this commitment.

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