SH Auto Parts opens fully automated smart factory

SH Auto Parts has embarked on a groundbreaking journey with its state-of-the-art automated factory in Dounan, Taiwan. 

Founded in 1978 by Shih-tung Chou, the company has carved a niche for itself as a global leader in automotive suspension and steering systems. The inauguration of its Dounan facility marks a significant leap in the company’s 45-year legacy, intertwining sustainable development with cutting-edge manufacturing.

The advent of the smart factory in Dounan

The Dounan plant represents a leap in industrial innovation. As the first fully automated smart factory in the region, SH Auto Parts is redefining efficiency, quality and environmental stewardship in the auto parts sector, the company says. This facility is not merely an advanced manufacturing hub but a symbol of the company’s commitment to progressive environmental and social governance (ESG) initiatives.

“We believe that as we draw upon the wellspring of resources from society, it is our unwavering commitment to circulate the dividends of our success, ensuring a harmonious circle where prosperity is shared with integrity and a sense of accountability,” the company said in a statement.

Embracing a greener future with technological excellence

SH Auto Parts has integrated systems like SAP and Dassault Systèmes into the facility. This integration optimizes production, reduces waste and ensures unparalleled product quality through real-time simulations. The company’s relentless pursuit of technological excellence is further exemplified by their ambition to achieve the LEED Gold Certificate, underscoring their alignment with global sustainable development goals, the company says.

The Dounan plant features a solar panel system that produces more electricity than is needed for production needs. Excess power is sold to the power company, Taipower (Taiwan Power Company.)

A key strength of SH Auto Parts is its tooling development. With more than 12,000 sets of tooling, the company is uniquely positioned to cater to more than 20,000 applications, showcasing their adaptability and precision in meeting diverse client needs. This extensive toolkit, coupled with their commitment to quality, has earned them prestigious certifications like TUV ISO 9001:14001.

Global impact and commitment to social responsibility

SH Auto Parts’ philosophy of “Planting Feet in Taiwan, Marketing Globally” reflects their global vision and local roots. The Dounan plant, a significant NT$3 billion investment (about $100 million USD), is not just a strategic business move but a testament to their commitment to social responsibility, the company says. It has created hundreds of jobs and contributed significantly to the local economy. Beyond this, the company is deeply involved in philanthropic activities, ranging from supporting music education in remote areas to providing food services to nursing homes.

A legacy of innovation, passion and design

Throughout its history, SH Auto Parts has been driven by a mission of “INNOVATION, PASSION, DESIGN.” From its humble beginnings in New Taipei City to establishing a global footprint, the company has consistently prioritized customer satisfaction and product excellence. Key milestones in its journey include the establishment of plants in Taichung and Shanghai Pudong and the launch of its own brand, “SH,” signifying its influence and leadership in the industry.

As SH Auto Parts unveils its automated factory in Dounan, it stands as a beacon of innovation, passion and commitment to sustainability. This facility is not just a milestone in their storied history but a forward-looking statement on their role as guardians of driving safety and pioneers in fostering a greener auto industry. With its eyes firmly set on the future, SH Auto Parts continues to revolutionize the automotive industry, driving towards a more sustainable and innovative tomorrow.

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