ROWE: A family business looking to the future

The lubricant manufacturer offers a complete range of innovative, high-quality motor oils, coolants and special products for industrial applications.

ROWE products are manufactured using audited, sustainable processes in one of the most cutting-edge lubricant factories in Europe and are available to specialist distributors, workshops and end users in more than 80 countries throughout the world. The family business, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Worms, generated a turnover of around 154 million euros in 2023 with a workforce of over 300.

ROWE CEOs Alexandra Kohlmann and Stefan Wermter 

Thanks to a combination of in-house research and development, experiences gained in the world of motorsport with the ROWE RACING team, and the latest manufacturing technologies, ROWE has become a byword for superior quality. Numerous approvals and audits from well-known vehicle manufacturers and other industrial companies are proof that ROWE products surpass even the most demanding standards. At the heart of the product portfolio is a wide range of motor and gear oils as well as greases for cars, motorcycles, boats, and agricultural and construction machinery. In addition, lubricants for special automotive and industrial applications, and fluids for electromobility are the focus of research and development expertise – a field that is being continually invested in with an eye to the future.

Dedicated Lines: more than 65 kilometers of pipes at the Worms plant

Advanced, sustainable solutions have always been part and parcel of the company. With the opening of one of the most cutting-edge lubricant factories in Europe in 2014, ROWE set new benchmarks in the sector. The main plant in Worms was designed and built from the ground up with sustainability in mind. This is evident, among other things, in the more than 65 km of pipework. Each of these “Dedicated Lines” is used exclusively for one specific product.

ROWE plastic containers are made from 50% recycled material

This reduces the environmental impact by avoiding the need to flush the pipes countless times. Waste heat from production is used to heat the buildings and for the production processes themselves. ROWE also boasts an advanced process control system and fully CO2-compensated manufacturing. Sustainability has even been taken into account in the company’s own containers. Manufactured by subsidiary company Palbo GmbH, they are made from around 50 percent recycled material. 

The full-range offering of lubricants includes, for example, motor oils with numerous manufacturer approvals

At the start of 2024, Alexandra Kohlmann, daughter of company founder Michael Zehe, took the helm at ROWE and together with long-standing employee and new joint CEO Stefan Wermter, is leading the company into the future.

For more on ROWE, visit the company’s website.

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