Rematec Amsterdam: ‘It’s still all about the customer’ says APRA Europe chairman

Rematec Amsterdam is organized by APRA Europe and RAI Amsterdam.

In remarks at the opening of Rematec Amsterdam, APRA Europe Chairman Dr. Daniel C. F. Köhler said despite global news events, the recovery from the pandemic and supply chain issues, the focus on the customer is still paramount. 

Rematec Amsterdam is organized by APRA Europe and RAI Amsterdam.

“We really need to focus on customer needs,” he said in his on-stage discussion with David Fitzsimons, Director, European Remanufacturing Council, before the show’s opening. “In the end, it’s still the customer who needs a solution in the workshop and he needs a reasonable offer and parts that are available. So I think focusing on the needs of the business always helps.”

Looking ahead to industry challenges in the future, Köhler emphasized the importance of keeping a level playing field for the aftermarket. 

“I think it’s important to keep things fair for the aftermarket,” he said. “We recognize more and more design, software copyright issues and also with electrification, we have more and more control units in the products and this blocks a lot of the classical reman business.”

“Also with the transition to electric vehicles, it will still take some time until we have them in the aftermarket, but it takes some years,” he said. “I think that the next key topic is to keep reman alive without being dependent on the, let’s say, legal restrictions.”

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