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Raybestos has been a giant in the automotive aftermarket industry for over a century. As an industry leader, Raybestos is committed to manufacturing high-quality brake parts that offer unparalleled performance and safety. From friction to rotors, calipers to hydraulics, Raybestos produces dependable brake parts with expansive coverage. All of the products are extensively tested so technicians can be sure they are buying products that are reliable and safe. 

Raybestos had their customers in mind when they decided to realign their product offerings into three distinct lines, Element3, Raybestos R-Line and Specialty. 

Each line is packaged in distinctly identified boxes to help technicians manage their inventories and to help them quickly select the right brake parts for each job. Customers get the same great products in easy-to-understand family packaging, with no part number changes. With the new product lines, it’s The Best in Brakes made easy.

The three product categories allow:

  • Straight-forward inventory that is easier to manage
  • Simple and clear product families that easily work together, providing great performance for the entire braking system with less comebacks
  • Increased sales by selling the complete braking system
  • Kits for top applications- easy to market, easy to sell

Raybestos Element3 Line – Premium Line Enhanced for Ultimate Performance 

The Raybestos Element3 line starts with The Best in Brakes and adds enhanced product features to deliver exceptional performance. This innovative offering with upgraded product attributes for increased performance and a longer life provides a full selection of components for complete braking coverage, including EHT Enhanced Hybrid Technology friction formulations, coated rotors, new plated brake calipers, shoes and OE-matched hydraulics.           

Raybestos R-Line – Superior Stopping Power 

The Raybestos R-Line provides a reliable solution for every day driving. Now packed in easy-to-match packaging so technicians can quickly select ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads, OE-matched professional grade rotors and drums, reman plated and non-plated calipers and three generations of wheel hubs for a complete brake job.

Specialty Friction and Rotors – Full Line Coverage for Critical Target Categories

Bringing together innovation and superior engineering, Raybestos specifically designed these specialty disc pads and rotors with application-specific formulas and full-line coverage for critical target categories. Special product features such as mechanical retention system backing plates, enhanced metallurgy rotors and custom designs allow for exceptional performance in high-temperature and severe duty situations across significant niche markets, including Police, School Bus, Truck & Medium Duty, Performance and European. 

Raybestos has been known as the best in brakes for over 100 years. With a demonstrated commitment to research, development and testing, Raybestos is widely recognized for quality brake components, including friction, rotors, drums, calipers and hydraulic products. Raybestos is the flagship brand of Brake Parts Inc, a global supplier to major auto parts organizations.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-323-0354. 

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