Raybestos Element3 Premium Brake Line, Enhanced for Ultimate Performance

As a market leader, Raybestos is committed to manufacturing high-quality brake components that offer unparalleled performance.

For over 120 years, Raybestos® has been a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry. As a market leader, Raybestos is committed to manufacturing high-quality brake components that offer unparalleled performance. From friction to rotors, calipers to hydraulics, Raybestos produces dependable brake parts with expansive coverage. Raybestos extensively tests its brake parts so professional service technicians can be sure they are installing products that are reliable and safe.

The Raybestos Element3 premium line of brake productsstart with The Best in Brakes® and adds enhanced product features to deliver exceptional performance. This innovative offering, with upgraded product attributes for increased performance and a longer life, provides a full selection of ultra-premium brake components for complete braking coverage. The Element3 line establishes Raybestos as a leading innovator in the aftermarket brake industry with a full selection of premium brake components for complete braking coverage, which include EHT Enhanced Hybrid Technology friction formulations, coated rotors, new plated brake calipers, OE-matched hydraulics and shoes. 

The line of Element3automotive brake pads offers excellent coverage for domestic and foreign-nameplate applications and include late model coverage. Element3 is the Raybestos ultimate line of automotive brake pads. As the best, the EHT Enhanced Hybrid Technology and professional grade formulations offer a comprehensive array of brake pads for exceptional performance. Application-specific formulas and premium multi-layer shims provide superior stopping power and quiet operation.

Element3 fully coated rotors are built to endure harsh weather conditions and deliver best-in-class performance, smooth braking and maximized friction life. Open-wheel designs leave rotors exposed to the elements, and if a rotor is uncoated, corrosion and red rust begin to form immediately. Element3 rotors use a propriety finishing technology that coats the entire surface, including the cooling vanes. The full Grey Fusion 4.0 coating resists corrosion to significantly reduce rust-induced performance issues. Element3 coated rotors are ideal for drivers in rust-prone areas. 

Element3 new plated brake calipers feature 100 percent new components and do not require a core return. The premium calipers provide hassle-free installation, optimal performance and lower warranty rates. Element3 calipers offer the best in corrosion protection through zinc-plated construction and meet 96-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test standards. The line is ideal for high VIO and problem applications.

The Element3 hydraulics line includes master cylinders, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and brakes cables. It features high-quality components for maximum service life and easy installation. The line is 100 percent pressure tested to ensure leak-free performance. 

Element3 brake shoes are made with application-specific materials and not relined, ensuring the best performance and service life. Premium new steel facilitates proper shoe to drum contact. Element3 brake shoes are designed and tested to work with the disc for a well-balanced braking package and are engineered for proper fit, form and function to match original equipment. Element3 brake shoes offer an industry-leading, full category coverage program, including parking brake shoes, for the following vehicles: passenger cars, trucks, police, taxi and fleet-type vehicles that require severe duty performance.

Raybestos has been known as the best in brakes for over 120 years and counting. With a demonstrated commitment to research, development and testing, Raybestos is widely recognized for quality brake components. To learn more, visit www.raybestos.com.

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