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Mobility solutions innovation leader, Pylon Manufacturing Corporation, introduces its first-ever line of off-road wipers, the BFGoodrich Off-Road Wiper Blades.

Engineered to power through the most challenging off-road conditions, Pylon’s design of the BFGoodrich Off-Road Wiper Blades is driving innovation for the multi-billion-dollar off-road market.

“Pylon’s 50-year legacy of engineering innovation was key in achieving success when we set out to create a wiper that excels in off-road and all-weather conditions”, said Mike Fretwell, Pylon CMO. “We’ve set a new benchmark in the industry and are excited to launch the BFGoodrich Off-Road Wiper Blades.”

Made specifically for trucks, jeeps, SUVs and 4×4’s, the BFGoodrich Off-Road Wiper Blades were inspired by the popular BFGoodrich All- Terrain T/A KO2 tire tread. These wiper blades are tough enough for off-road driving, with proven performance for everyday travel. Whether faced with mud, rain, snow or grime, the BFGoodrich Off-Road Wiper Blades are built to improve visibility in even the toughest of conditions.

The new wipers are designed with high performance features including:

SCRUB-X Technology: For extreme weather conditions to clear away mud, bugs, rain, snow and grime

Heavy Duty Design: Durable rubber element made for off-road driving

WeatherTread Technology: Repels mud, rain, snow and ice for the cover delivering superior wipingperformance

Secure-X Connector: Easy and secure InstallationFor more information on BFGoodrich Off Road Wiper Blades visit www.offroadwipers.com/BFGoodrich. For more information about Pylon, visit www.pylonhq.com

About Pylon Manufacturing Corporation
Pylon Manufacturing Corporation is a leading automotive aftermarket supplier with over 50 years of experience, specializing in the design, engineering, manufacture and marketing of wiper blades. Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Pylon is an ISO 9001-certified division of the Qualitor, Inc. family of automotive companies. Pylon is the exclusive licensee responsible for the manufacture and marketing of BFGoodrich line of off-road wiper blades.

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