Oil expert LIQUI MOLY relaunches car care products

Aiming to secure the top spot in the car care category, LIQUI MOLY has revamped its product line. This includes a refreshed label design and the introduction of new containers and formulations.

German automotive magazine readers have consistently ranked LIQUI MOLY as the top oil brand for more than a decade.

Now, aiming to secure the top spot in the car care category, the company has revamped its product line. This includes a refreshed label design and the introduction of new containers and formulations. Historically, in polls by prominent German-language automotive publications, LIQUI MOLY has consistently been the second choice for best vehicle care products. With this relaunch, the Ulm-based company is setting its sights on the number one position, showcasing its deep expertise in car care.

“We have also made a name for ourselves in this discipline,” says National Sales Manager Günther Wengert. “As in the lubricants and additives business, we have decades of expertise.”

The focus of the relaunch is on the products Gloss Polish, Polish & Wax and Hard Wax. “The new formulations are easier to apply and buff up. They are also more resistant to weathering influences,” explains Wengert. Car care professionals will notice that even more emphasis has been placed on the water running off better.

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Experts speak of the beading effect. The term refers to the little beads of water that are formed when the polished surface is properly sealed. Without wax, sealant or coating, water beads will not form on the paint. Instead, rather shapeless patches of water are created and not the beautiful little droplets that run off the car when it rains, giving dirt little chance to adhere.

“But it is precisely this kind of formation and distribution of water droplets, which should be as uniform as possible, that is important to many users. And we deliver what the customer wants,” Wengert says.

The color change is striking. The gray containers are being replaced by transparent blue ones. Spray bottles and caps have also been improved for better application. With the relaunch, LIQUI MOLY emphasizes its expertise and innovative strength in all areas of automotive chemicals. “We are one of the very few full-range suppliers,” says Wengert. “Whether motor oils and additives, brake cleaners and underbody protection, hand cleaning paste as well as oil and chemical binders and even car polish – we offer all products from a single source and thus our brand stands for the technical and visual value retention of the vehicle.”

“For us, it’s not about becoming the most popular brand – that’s also an outstanding achievement,” Wengert says – but all about offering products that readers and ultimately customers are convinced of.

“That’s what the car magazines were asking. This is not a ‘soft skill’, but a core competence to which we attach great value,” Wengert says. “That’s what our efforts are aimed at. The bottom line is that workshops and retailers want products that the end consumer demands. And we will continue to drive this demand with our revamped car care series.”

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