New Wolo Model 900 Hideaway Blast Horn helps keep Harley riders safer, company says

Wolo Manufacturing Corp., a leader in horn technology and vehicle emergency warning lights for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and industrial equipment, has introduced a powerful, new air horn designed to help keep Harley Davidson riders safer on the road.

The new Wolo Model 900 Hideaway Blast Horn is the loudest available air driven horn on the market, creating a 123 dB sound that’s two times louder than the OE horn and can easily be heard over typical traffic and road noise as well as other motorcycles. Built exclusively for Harley Davidson applications, this exciting new horn is designed to fit all Harley touring models from 1997-present that come equipped with a horn housing and saddle bag.

No hassle, drop-in installation
Designed as an easy drop-in replacement, even for DIYers, Wolo Model 900 utilizes the existing factory horn cover and the bike’s saddle bag to create a seamless fit. The compressor is secured inside the saddle bag using Wolo’s patented mounting bracket and 3M Dual-Lock tape. The concealed installation design of Model 900 allows riders to upgrade the performance of their horn without altering the look of their motorcycle.

Editor note: Wolo offers an informative installation video for its Model 900 at:

“We developed this new horn to clearly outperform the standard OE horn and give Harley Davidson riders an added margin of safety on the road,” noted Pat Lovro, Wolo PowerSports Sales Manager. “We spoke directly with riders who felt that the OE horn on their bikes, was just too quiet, and they want to make sure that they were heard before they were seen.”

The Wolo Model 900 Hideaway Blast Horn comes in a complete kit that features a compact, heavy-duty compressor, a prewired factory-installed waterproof 30-amp relay, all required wiring and connectors, mounting brackets, and easy-to-follow pictorial step-by-step instructions. No special tools are required. The unit is water resistant and has a quick release feature that allows it to be removed as a complete unit or just the saddle bag.

In addition to the new Model 900, Wolo makes a wide range of air and electric horns for motorcycles, powersports, and specialty vehicle applications.

About Wolo
Founded in 1965, Wolo Manufacturing Corp., provides innovative products to protect and keep people safer. A leader in horn design and technology, Wolo also offers emergency and safety warning lights and alarms for cars, trucks, marine, industrial equipment, and emergency vehicles.

For additional information, visit: or contact, Dan Brown, President – CEO Wolo Manufacturing Corp., (215) 589-5095, e-mail:

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