When secure storage of firearms and other valuables is a must, Dodge Ram truck owners turn to Tuffy Security Products for components that work seamlessly within the vehicle. 

As part of its expanding RAM product line, Tuffy’s new #357 In-floor Storage Security Lid for the 2019 RAM 1500 Crew Cab replaces the existing plastic original equipment factory cover to create durable and theft-resistant storage in hidden vehicle floor compartments. The heavy-duty Security Lid (#357) turns the standard in-floor compartment into more than 650 cubic feet of secure lockable storage space, while making a more durable deck surface to support items placed on top.
Constructed from 16-gauge and 1/8-inch thick welded steel, the unique design of the Part #357 security lid adds exceptional strength as well as protection against compartment tampering. The In-floor Storage Security Lid is equipped with Tuffy’s patented Pry-Guard locking system, which consists of a 10-tumbler double bitted security lock and accompanying key. The locking system deters theft to keep valuable items safely stowed away. During compartment loading and unloading, the Pry-Guard latch mechanism allows the cover to shut without being locked.

Tuffy Security Products enhances the quality steel construction of the security lid with a continuously welded steel hinge and rattle-free bump stops to create a storage solution that is far sturdier and more secure than the plastic original equipment version. The durable black powder coat finish of the low-profile security lid withstands years of steady use with no cracking or chipping.
Installation is quick and easy using standard hand tools and the supplied steel fastening hardware. In just a few minutes Tuffy’s In-floor Storage Security Lid #357 can be installed with or without the plastic liner to add peace-of-mind when storing firearms or valued items. 
“The 357 In-floor Storage Security Lid is just another example of the innovation RAM 1500 truck owners can expect from our line of security storage products,” said Tuffy Security Products Marketing Manager Chip Olson.

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