MOMO, a brand synonymous with high performance with over 50 years of race-winning heritage, has developed the all-new SR6 series six-point harness for all levels of motorsports. Engineered to the highest quality, MOMO’s SR6 series harness adheres to the strictest European FIA Homologation standards.

In accordance with the brand’s legacy of promoting exceptional standards in sports car and endurance racing, MOMO’s SR6 series six-point harnesses exceed FIA testing standards and are the first in a full-line of motorsports restraints being developed and released by MOMO this year. Homologated to 8853-2016, MOMO is now one of just a few manufacturers to meet the FIA’s highest safety standard. 

The SR6 series harnesses includes a three-to-two inch wide tapered belt-transition designed to work with any frontal head restraint (FHR) system including HANS®, while providing quicker strap adjustments utilizing MOMO’s advanced aluminum active speed adjusters. MOMO’s SR6 belt-webbing is constructed of polyester webbing which stretches less under load while the two-inch lap belt offers drivers improves pelvic containment resulting in reduced load transfer to the chest and a tighter overall seat containment. The lap belt secures with low-profile camlock specifically constructed with ECI quick guides for easy connection. 

Integrated lap adjusters incorporated into the cam-buckle offer the widest range of adjustability and ease of use. A permanently affixed cam-buckle on the anti-sub straps enable quicker driver changes during pitting; making the SR6 series harness an ideal choice for endurance racing. All harness points feature easy clip-in mounting or eyebolt and three-bar-slide for a customized length adjustment.

This image shows someone's hands adjusting a red Momo harness.

“We’re excited to debut the SR6 harnesses and continue to build upon our heritage as a global leader in motorsports equipment. With our SR6 Series harnesses, we are just one of a few manufacturers offering restraints that meet the FIA’s strictest safety standard” stated MOMO’s owner Henrique Cisneros.  “With my background in endurance and off-road racing, I understand the importance of safety, driver comfort, and optimized functionality. I’ve had the opportunity to put these harnesses to the test both on and off-road, at GRIDLIFE Atlanta and Best In The Desert’s Pahrump 250 and found the SR6 Series to offer top of the line form, fit, and function.” 

Retailing for $459.95, the SR6 series comes in red and black webbing and is currently available through all MOMO authorized dealers. For more information, please visit

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