MEYLE Expands MEYLE-PD Brake Disc Portfolio

High-carbon single-component brake disc has been tested and certified in accordance with the ECE R90 quality standard, company says.

MEYLE has further expanded its portfolio of brake discs in MEYLE‑PD quality: the manufacturer based in Hamburg presents 14 new references for the MEYLE-PD brake disc. What sets it apart: MEYLE has opted for a single-component brake disc for BMW applications in order to ensure resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Unlike other manufacturers which produce brake discs made from a combination of aluminium bell and cast steel friction ring, the MEYLE-PD brake disc is manufactured from a single steel casting, which makes it possible to coat the entire surface of the brake disc and prevent corrosion.

The high-carbon single-component brake disc follows the MEYLE-PD principle. Several material characteristics promote consistent, optimal performance for the entire service life: thanks to the higher-carbon composition, the brake disc is more resistant to heat than conventional discs. The higher percentage of carbon makes the MEYLE-PD brake discs more torsion-resistant and much more robust – particularly during the braking process, when temperatures can reach a few hundred degrees Celsius. The outcome no unpleasant vibration in the steering wheel for the driver.

MEYLE-PD brake discs are tested and certified in accordance with the ECE R90 quality standards. The discs need to be able to withstand frequent braking in everyday and extreme situations without sustaining damage. As of November 2016, the ECE R90 quality standard is required for replacement brake discs for all newly licensed vehicles – MEYLE takes its responsibility as a manufacturer seriously.

Even though it’s not legally required, the company has already been testing and certifying MEYLE brake discs in line with the quality standards of the guideline for years.


Further optimised and better made: MEYLE-PD represents brake discs and brake pads with optimal braking performance which are setting new benchmarks in terms of durability, comfort, aesthetics and easy installation.

A modern coating technology protects the MEYLE-PD brake disc from corrosion for a very long time. Optimised characteristics lead to better performance: MEYLE-PD brake pads boast a higher friction coefficient as well as outstanding responsiveness. Needless to say, the pads are also free from copper and heavy metals.

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