Meet Patrick Cronin of NTN Bearing Corp.

Patrick Cronin began his career in the automotive aftermarket five years ago, now working as Senior Marketing Specialist for NTN Bearing Corp. 

Patrick Cronin of NTN Bearing. Photo and photo illustration by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel

Patrick Cronin began his career in the automotive aftermarket five years ago, now working as Senior Marketing Specialist for NTN Bearing Corp. 

How did you find yourself in the automotive aftermarket? 

I had a background in marketing in transportation-related industries, and I was looking for a new opportunity that would be a good fit for my experience and something I would enjoy. After starting with NTN, it quickly became apparent that the automotive aftermarket side of the business was a natural fit for me. 

What area of the automotive aftermarket do you work in and how has what you do changed in the last two years?

Being in marketing for a bearing manufacturer, not too much of what I do on a day-to-day basis has changed. Our marketing content is shifting to put more emphasis on emerging technologies like electric vehicles, but the wheel bearings and the installation is much the same as traditional ICE wheel bearings. 

We are continuing to shift towards more digital advertising, but print has not gone away. We are also investing more in video content. 

What was the last automotive aftermarket event or trade show you attended and what are the biggest two or three takeaways you gathered from taking part?

I attended AAPEX in November. One of my biggest takeaways was from talking to other suppliers, and that was that the supply chain continues to be a challenge across the board for suppliers. It was interesting to hear the various impacts this has on different product categories, but the common theme was that it continues to impact everyone. 

Another takeaway on the supply chain challenges from our distributor-side, was that they are understanding of the issues, and are working through it with all of their suppliers. It was reassuring to hear that our competitors are in the same boat, if not worse, as us.

What’s something you’re particularly proud of accomplishing in the automotive aftermarket?

One thing I am proud of in the automotive aftermarket is being elected as a board member in the Automotive Communications Council in 2021. As a marketing and communications professional, it has been a great experience for me to be an integral part of the ACC and work and network with like-minded people in automotive aftermarket.

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