Madeleine Meldoth: Leading the Automotive Industry’s Transformation and Market Expansion in EMEA, APAC and Baltics regions

Madeleine Meldoth, a global business leader in the automotive industry and owner of Scandinavian Automotive G.R.X. Consulting, leverages an array of strategic methodologies to ignite transformative growth and operational excellence across diverse markets.

Madeleine Meldoth serves as Global Sales Manager for INFRARR, a world renowned-leader in the research, design and manufacture of high-quality electrical IR e UV dryers. The UV dryers are made in Italy.

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Madeleine Meldoth, a global business leader in the automotive industry, leverages an array of strategic methodologies to ignite transformative growth and operational excellence across diverse markets.

As owner of Scandinavian Automotive G.R.X. Consulting, her expertise spans strategic visioning, effective communication, market insights, adaptive leadership and a plethora of other key areas crucial for driving global expansion and fostering cross-functional collaboration. Implementing these strategies with a focus on execution power, Meldoth excels in uniting diverse teams to push forward significant business initiatives, thriving in high-performance environments and overcoming substantial challenges with significant value implications.

Global Business Leader Igniting Growth in the Automotive Industry

In the dynamic automotive industry where adaptability, understanding and resilience are imperative, Madeleine excels. Madeleine has earned a stellar reputation as a visionary force reshaping business and helping organisations transform. With an extensive track record spanning the expansive territories of EMEA, APAC and Baltics regions, Meldoth has left an indelible mark as a leader and strategist. 

You are always working so passionately to make sure our customers get the best experience and the highest level of support and training, and they really are seeing the rewards from your efforts! From a business partner perspective, it is always great working collaboratively with you. You’re always so authentic and enthusiastic, and whether we were working on projects in UAE, Egypt, or anywhere across the Middle East, it was assured the final result was always very positive. I am always looking forward to working on the next project together!

Ryan Puckey, Regional Technical Manager – Middle East, Turkey, Azerbaijan & Central Asia Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions EMEA

Having traveled and worked in more than 70 countries, Meldoth brings a profound understanding of the business ecosystem, a broad perspective, strong intercultural skills, and a global mindset. She consistently demonstrates an unparalleled ability to navigate diverse markets, leveraging insights garnered from years of hands-on experience, even in male-dominated industries. Her strategic acumen has elevated companies to unprecedented heights, establishing benchmarks for excellence in sales and global market share. Her efforts have fostered innovative product development, cultivated robust partnerships, and enhanced overall organizational resilience. This success has not only extended to fostering satisfaction among customers and partners across both national and international spheres but has also contributed to enhanced production efficiency on a global scale.

Meldoth has played a pivotal role with esteemed companies, as the driving force behind notable successes with industry giants such as Hedson Technologies AB / Storskogen Group AB (former owner Mellby gård AB) and Car-O-Liner, SnapOn, Infrarr and Blowtherm.

“Over the course of my five-year tenure at Hedson Technologies AB, commencing in 2018, I served as an agent. Initially, I was responsible for the Middle East and Africa region. My achievements in driving exceptional business development and sales growth prompted Hedson’s CEO to entrust me with expanded responsibilities at the end of 2020,” Meldoth says “Recognizing the success I had achieved, I was invited to take on the Asia-Pacific, Baltics region, and certain European territories, a role that commenced in January 2021. I managed to increase market share and achieve a notable surge in sales within the first three months, and concluded the year with growth surpassing 50% in the Asia-Pacific, Baltics, and Europe regions.

“By the conclusion of my five-year tenure at Hedson Technologies, I had successfully accomplished the expansion of Hedson’s business by cultivating a robust customer base and driving sales and market growth,” Meldoth says. “I fostered strong teamwork and communication, both internally and externally, establishing a reliable long-term global distributor channel. This endeavor involved collaborative efforts with key clients, including major car manufacturers, OEMs, end-users, resellers, and renowned paint manufacturers such as BASF, AkzoNobel, PPG, and AXALTA. Among the specific projects that I have been running are those with the Dubai Government Body Shop, Egypt Nissan Plant, Vietnam Toyota Plant, and Sweden’s Bil Bengtsson, to name a few. These achievements underscore my strategic approach, effective leadership, and consistent delivery of substantial results. My impact on business growth and strategic development is results-oriented, emphasizing my commitment to achieving significant and measurable outcomes as a business and market developer.”

Can you tell us more about your role in the automotive industry as business & market development with the companies you’ve worked for and as owner of Scandinavian Automotive G.R.X. Consulting?

Certainly! As a global business and market developer in the dynamic world of international business and owner of Scandinavian GRX, my global acumen extends beyond conventional business strategies, specialized in business and market development. With a proven track record spanning 70-plus countries, I redefine traditional roles, seamlessly transitioning into key positions that drive transformative growth.

My impact is not limited to numbers and metrics and collaborative leadership style has forged alliances, driving cross-functional teams to execute ambitious market development strategies with precision. Along with commitment to operational excellence, a keen understanding of regional nuances has not only sustained but accelerated business growth in diverse cultural landscapes. My journey is a testament to the transformative power of adhering to sound business strategy and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

This challenging and dynamic position requires a comprehensive understanding of diverse cultures, market trends, and regional business landscapes. It involves spearheading business growth strategies. I conduct extensive market analysis, develop and execute market entry plans, and foster long-term, genuine relationships with clients and partners.

Madeleine, you have demonstrated exceptional performance in the MEA and APAC region. Through outstanding professionalism, strategic thinking, drive and a strong ability to navigate complex situations, you not only met but exceeded our expectations. I am deeply impressed by your  leadership and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

Linus Ekfeldt,  Director (IRT) Hedson Technologies AB

Adapting to regional nuances, I collaborate cross-functionally to ensure seamless execution, drive sales growth, and optimize operational efficiency. I have been at the forefront of identifying market potential, customizing solutions, solving problems, and recognizing emerging trends. This forward-thinking approach has not only safeguarded market positions but has also positioned me as a trailblazer in anticipating and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the automotive sector.

My expertise in strategic partnerships, comprehensive support, goal-oriented strategies, and responsible market management positions me as the optimal partner for businesses seeking a dynamic market and business developer. In redefining traditional roles, I seamlessly transition into positions that drive transformative growth, fostering a collaborative leadership style that executes ambitious market development strategies.

Establishing robust relationships in the regions I oversee requires a nuanced understanding of principles, market trends, political landscapes, and local cultures. Emphasizing teamwork and genuine trust forms the cornerstone of long-term success. Additionally, establishing a resilient supply chain contributes significantly to this success.

I consistently follow up and support distributors and customers within my regions, creating roadmaps and strategies, recognizing and nurturing their potential. I identify market potential and encourage distributors/customers in my region to emphasize untapped opportunities for growth and advancement. When they recognize, with a little support or encouragement from me, the chance to seize an opportunity or achieve a goal, it results in increased growth, benefits, and profit. Their motivation and drive intensify even further, benefiting both parties.

Emphasizing the value of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace is paramount, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. This approach not only contributes to a positive workplace culture but also enhances our ability to understand the needs of the market, facilitating the development of strong relationships with partners and clients.

I look forward to continue working with you, as it has been an excellent experience with great results. Gaining more of the markets under your influence and responsibility. 

Juan Carlos Alloza – Hedson Technologies AB – Export Sales Director

The ultimate objective is to position the company as a leader in these diverse and dynamic markets through strategic initiatives.

For the past three and a half years, since COVID-19, which sent shockwaves through every corner of the globe, one crisis has taken over from the next. Geopolitical tensions, inflationary pressures, and supply chain disruptions are just a few of the critical issues. These challenges have not only tested the resilience of nations but have also placed leaders in a unique and demanding position. This has fostered a greater sense of collaboration and shared responsibility among leadership teams, as decisions made in one area can have profound implications across various sectors. The ongoing crises have accelerated the need for adaptive and resilient leadership, emphasizing the importance of collective decision-making and unity in the face of adversity, to adapt, innovate, and work together to find effective solutions.

What do you believe has been the key factor in your success in increasing profitability threefold in challenging markets in the APAC and EMEA region?

The key factor in my success in tripling profitability in challenging markets lies in a multifaceted approach. First and foremost, strategic market analysis, as mentioned at the outset, is pivotal. Each continent has different drivers and maturity levels. Understanding the unique dynamics, consumer behaviors, regulations, and economic conditions in these regions has enabled me to tailor business strategies that align with market needs. Moreover, our own approach as a representative of the company is decisive.

As sales manager in the Middle East and Africa region, where she processed new and old distributors: During the employment period, Madeleine increased market share and sales in her region by more than 12%. The work as an Area Sales Manager places high demands on knowledge within the automotive industry. Madeleine possesses these qualities and independently drives her work forward with an ability to bond and create new relationships within the industry. Madeleine has been a valued person both by colleagues and management and I can warmly recommend her.

Johan Wallentin, Director / CAR-O-LINER Group AB

Effective risk management plays a crucial role. Identifying potential challenges and implementing proactive measures to mitigate risks ensures a more resilient and adaptable business model. This approach, coupled with a commitment to operational excellence, has allowed for efficient resource utilization and cost optimization. Additionally, building and nurturing strong relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders has fostered trust and loyalty, leading to sustainable solutions. This relational approach has not only secured existing business but also facilitated new opportunities and collaborations.

How have your experiences of living in Dubai and Italy in recent years, while rooted, raised and living in your hometown Sweden, shaped your approach to international business?

Having spent recent years in Dubai and Italy, and being born and raised in Sweden, my roots here run deep. At the heart of the countryside, I have a farmhouse that is more than just a home. It’s a profound connection to agriculture, ecosystems, and the environment. With extensive land in the serene countryside, I engage in cattle production and field cultivation, embracing the rhythms of nature. The charm of country life and the beauty of agriculture have always resonated with me on a personal level.

I also own a coastal apartment by the beach, overlooking the iconic Turning Torso and the Oresund Bridge. This offers a great contrast between my two homes, allowing me to switch between landscapes and encapsulating a unique blend of contrasts.

Sometimes, when asked why I have two homes, I always reply, “Well, why not!” I love the fact that I can enjoy my life by combining the beach and countryside.

We have had a very good relationship with Madeleine and her support was incredible compared to previous years. It feels like finally someone is taking care of distributors despite the fact that she hasn’t had a chance to visit us. Hope you can find someone with the same passion as she had for us.

Margus Raud – product and training manager – Estonia – Sweden 
Benefit AS Partners Group Company (Distributor of Hedson Technologies)

This fusion of global perspectives and a rooted connection to Sweden not only enriches my personal journey but also adds a unique dimension to my approach in the international business arena. Working extensively with companies in over 70 countries has been instrumental in shaping my approach to the international market. It has provided a rich tapestry of experiences that uniquely position me for success in the global business landscape. An understanding of cultural diversity, global business etiquettes, and adaptability is key in navigating diverse markets.

My experiences in different regions have honed this skill. From understanding varied regulatory frameworks to deciphering consumer behaviors, these experiences have provided invaluable insights into the intricacies of international business. Language proficiency gained in Italy and Dubai, amounting to a total of speaking six languages, adds a valuable dimension to effective communication in international contexts. My strategic vision is broadened, appreciating the unique strengths and challenges each market presents.

In the world of automotive refinish artistry, Madeleine Meldoth is a name whispered with reference. Though her individual brushstrokes remain unseen, her association with the industry’s finest palettes -Hedson Technologies, Car-o-Liner, paints a vivid picture of her mastery. Our experience with her as a supplier agent was a symphony of cooperation and expertise. We stand in awe of her silent symphony of skill.

Sidheeque PK – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  –  COLORS EST FOR PAINTS    

The cultural sensitivity cultivated through diverse living experiences is a cornerstone of successful international business dealings. Moreover, in many countries, business is conducted based on trust built up over a period of mutual beneficial engagement. Only when this level of trust is reached can business truly flourish.

Of the six languages you speak, which do you find the most valuable in your work in the automotive aftermarket industry?

All six languages are equally important. Knowledge of these languages has proven invaluable when communicating with local suppliers, business partners, and customers, as well as for navigating local cultures. Ultimately, the most valuable language in the business industry depends on the specific company, market, and region. However, English is widely considered the international language of business and is commonly used in the automotive industry for communication with suppliers, customers, and business partners worldwide.

How do you think your negotiation skills have contributed to your success in securing contracts and increasing sales?

My success in increasing sales through negotiation is driven by strategic positioning, a focus on win-win solutions, value-based selling, swift problem resolution, identification of cross-selling opportunities, and the preservation of profit margins. These key elements underscore how my negotiation skills contribute not only to successful deal closures but also to strategic growth in sales over the long term. It is important to bridge the gap between the customer’s pain points and the perceived value of the product or service being negotiated. Finding the right product or service, and presenting the unique selling propositions and peripheral advantages, enables negotiations to conclude with the predefined target met.

We have found your work and your work effort to be astounding and this is truly reflective of how much more productive we have been since you took over. 
We have had great support from Madeleine Meldoth, she chooses to take full responsibility of us from A-Z which has resulted in us selling and stocking more Hedson products. Because of her support we have managed to move the business transaction faster, which has always been a challenge. We look forward to continue what has started as an enjoyable, exciting, and promising future working together.

Shane Harvey Managing director – New Zealand (ABE) Auto Body Equipment  (Distributor of Hedson Technologies)  

Skilled negotiators are also adept at identifying and addressing the needs and interests of both parties, leading to a mutually beneficial agreement. Using negotiation skills ethically and with integrity is crucial, as building and maintaining strong relationships with distributors and customers is essential for long-term success.

Can you describe your process for developing customized and standardized solutions for your clients?

I leverage my knowledge and experience from managing operations across different continents, combined with insights into future technologies, to precisely determine what our customers need. Understanding the client’s needs is the first step, followed by developing a strategy. I collaborate with the client throughout the development process, implement the solution, and provide ongoing support. This is crucial, as being available and supportive across different time zones is essential for global operations. I continuously monitor and evaluate the solution’s effectiveness, making adjustments as necessary, to ensure that after-sales support and service are effectively provided.

If you’re interested in gaining further insights into global market development in the automotive sector, or if you would like to discuss potential collaboration, please get in touch with Madeleine Meldoth by email or on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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