LIQUI MOLY USA celebrates growth, success in the U.S. market

Sebastian Zelger, CEO of LIQUI MOLY USA, expressed his delight in the company's progress.

Left, Sebastian Zelger, CEO of LIQUI MOLY USA

LIQUI MOLY USA, a leading global manufacturer of premium automotive lubricants, additives, and car care products, is celebrating its growth and achievements within the American market. Over the past year, the company has seen a significant expansion, reinforcing its stature as a leading brand cherished by automotive aficionados and professionals nationwide.

The success and growth of LIQUI MOLY USA can be attributed to several key aspects: strategic partnerships, brand recognition and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. These attributes reflect the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation and superior product quality, which has resonated with American consumers and industry experts alike, the company says.

Sebastian Zelger, CEO of LIQUI MOLY USA, expressed his delight in the company’s progress, stating, “Our success is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team, the support of our customers, and the outstanding quality of our products. We are committed to delivering superior solutions to the automotive industry and exceeding the expectations of our customers.”

LIQUI MOLY USA, originally known as Lubro Moly due to branding constraints, has been operating in the United States for decades.

In an earlier interview, Zelger shed light on LIQUI MOLY USA’s impressive evolution, stating, “LIQUI MOLY USA has existed in its current form for 15 years. However, we have been on the market for much longer. Today, the USA is by far the most important export market for LIQUI MOLY.”

Zelger, who has been leading LIQUI MOLY USA since 2016, highlighted the company’s shift towards targeting domestic cars and venturing into new domains such as motorcycle and marine applications. Their workforce has expanded with the recent hiring of their 50th employee, further strengthening their sales team.

Addressing the increasing emphasis on digital sales channels, Zelger underlined the company’s belief in face-to-face interaction for customer support. “In a face-to-face meeting, the attention is much greater and we can also immediately show how many products work,” he said. “No, manpower cannot be replaced by apps and smartphones. After all, we not only visit customers and attend large trade fairs, we are also at many motorsport events, grass root get-togethers and Cars & Coffee meets.”

When asked about the secret to their success, Zelger explained, “The secret is that there is no secret at all. We have top-quality products, we support our customers locally, we invest in the brand, and we see North America as its own market.”

Despite the shifting trend towards electromobility, Zelger is confident that LIQUI MOLY USA will continue to expand its market share and explore new segments. “We will grow because we are gaining market shares in existing segments and also conquering new segments. I look forward to the next 15 years with LIQUI MOLY!” he exclaimed.

LIQUI MOLY USA is also committed to equipping its representatives, partners, and supporters with product knowledge and skills. Through regular trainings and annual meetings, the company ensures its team members are well-versed with the brand’s offerings, instilling confidence in their products among their clients.

The company recently introduced Battery Coolant EV 200, a liquid thermal management solution designed to optimize temperature control for electric vehicle batteries, enhancing their range and service life.

For more information on LIQUI MOLY, visit the company’s website.

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