Tungsram, which on April 3 celebrated a year since the re-emergence of the company as an independent premium lighting company, has made a big splash in New York’s Times Square.

The Tungsram logo in New York’s Times Square.

The company’s logo was seen prominently on the Reuters Sign, attached to the building of Thomson Reuters, a global news and information company, at 3 Times Square. The building is located on 7th Avenue between 42nd Street and 43rd Street in the Times Square neighborhood, which is often referred to as “The Crossroads of the World.” The area is one of the largest and busiest pedestrian areas in the world and is often utilized by companies

At AAPEX 2018, Joerg Bauer, President & CEO of Tungsram Group, spoke with Aftermarket Intel’s Mark Phillips about the company’s new direction.

Joerg Bauer, President & CEO of Tungsram Group

“This is a company that has re-emerged as the result of a management buyout. The feedback has been very positive so far. People trust in our abilities to continue to deliver the quality of GE Lighting as Tungsram,” Bauer said. “It’s important to understand that’s really the same quality, the same factories, the same people, with a new name which is really an old name. The company is 123 years old. It’s a very traditional, very innovative lighting company based in Hungary, where we have five factories and employ almost 5,000 people.”

In May, the company expanded its aviation business with GE, its former parent company, in Hungary.

The 123-year-old Tungsram brand was re-born by the sale of GE Lighting business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, as well as Global Automotive business, to Tungsram Group, controlled by Bauer, a former GE executive.

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