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Tungsram, a company the automotive aftermarket knows as a supplier of lighting products, has unveiled a new product that kills the virus that is causing Covid-19.

Hungary-based Tungsram’s UV-C Sanitizer is a disinfection system that eliminates 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses and can be used in a host of industries and businesses, including car showrooms, nursing homes, hotels, offices, hospitals and beauty salons, to name a few.

Tungsram’s UV-C Sanitizer bathes objects in ultraviolet C, a high-energy spectrum of ultraviolet light. The company says its UV-C Sanitizer can kill coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria in as little as 5 minutes. Users can place items inside the device, turn it on and wait for them to be cleaned.

The equipment is certified by TÜV and Synlab, and its effectiveness is now tested by the paramedics and several hospitals in Europe, according to the company.

“The UV Sanitizer is a product designed and manufactured completely in Hungary that proved that Tungsram understands social responsibility, reacts fast and can provide support, solutions for current health care and pandemic-related problems,” said Ferenc Lantos, technology director for the project.

For more information on Tungsram, visit https://tungsram.com/.

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