This image shows a frame-straightening device sitting on a repair shop floor and attached to the rear of a heavy-duty vehicle. The device says "Josam JO 2010." The repair shop floor is shiny and the device is situated inside the red-highlighted notches in the floor.

The JOSAM Frame Press is designed to make heavy-duty frame straightening easier and more efficient. Featuring a wide range of durable equipment and accessories, the JOSAM Frame Press is a must for every shop that works on heavy-duty vehicles.

“The JOSAM Frame Press is an industry-leading frame repair system because of the extensive research and development conducted to create such an innovative, quality product,” said David Zinkiewicz, business development manager-collision for JOSAM. “We complement our exceptional frame repair system with special accessories that allows shops to use the JOSAM Frame Press as soon as it is installed in the bay.”

The JOSAM frame press system is founded on the principle of I-beams cast in the shop floor. Combined with the optional JOSAM service pit, it makes for the ideal working area for straightening heavy and light trucks, trailers and buses. Presses and other tools are easily anchored to the floor rails, enabling both horizontal and vertical repairs to be carried out. The system works hydraulically, is manufactured in three versions and includes key accessories:

Straightening Trolleys – Offering 20 tons of press capacity, the trolleys are designed to be as lightweight as possible. Constructed of durable aluminum alloy, the trolleys are mounted on wheels, making them easy to handle by just one service tech.

C-Clamps – Used for straightening and riveting of truck frames, the models range from 10 to 40 tons and the hydraulic clamps are adapted to easily access local deformities and straighten them. The larger clamps have a riveting capacity and also come with a lifting device for use on vehicles like a traverse crane.

Vertical Presses and Pumps – Used for vertical straightening, the equipment is operated with JOSAM hydraulic pumps. All are equipped with wheels or handles in order to make them easier to move. Vertical presses have a press force of 20 tons and a lift height ranging from 22 to 51 inches.

Chain Attachment/Anchoring – For certain types of straightening, usually vertical bends and twists, the JOSAM vertical press and chain attachments with anchoring equipment, chains and hooks should be used. The frame hooks are manufactured of aluminum alloy and are available in a number of models.

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JOSAM is located in Örebro, Sweden and is a trademark of Snap-on Incorporated. Ever since inventing its first frame straightening system in 1972 and its first wheel alignment system in 1974, JOSAM has been dedicated to improving its products to higher levels of speed, accuracy and user-friendliness. Today you will find JOSAM products on six continents. For more information, visit

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