John Chalifoux: MEMA’s Center for Sustainability is for all members

Chalifoux's comments came during MEMA's Thursday quarterly media update.

MEMA’s newly unveiled Center for Sustainability is for use by all MEMA members, wherever they are on their sustainability journey, said John Chalifoux, Chief Sustainability Officer, MEMA, and Chief Operating Officer, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers.

Chalifoux’s comments came during MEMA’s Thursday quarterly media update.

The Center for Sustainability’s “steering committee is intact and the interest and participation has been outstanding,” Chalifoux said. The Center for Sustainability is a critical component of MEMA’s recent realignment to better position itself and its members for long-term success, MEMA says. All MEMA members will have access to subject matter experts, programming and other resources. Chalifoux leads the strategic direction, design and execution of the Center, helping members navigate the increasingly complex processes and requirements of a successful sustainability program.

“We held our first committee meeting with much success and we will be sending out a release announcing the committee members very soon,” he said.

In January, Chalifoux was named chief sustainability officer and head of the Center for Sustainability.

“The center is here to serve all MEMA members, as you’ve heard us say before, and as we say, wherever our members are in their sustainability journey,” Chalifoux said. “Following this planning period or programming will begin to pick up again and we will focus on general education benchmarking and best practices and problem-solving.”

Chalifoux also commented on remanufacturing. He will be at June’s Rematec Amsterdam show and was recently featured in the show’s webinar on U.S. remanufacturing opportunities.

“We believe the outlook is bright,” Chalifoux said. “Today’s environment of higher inflation and a world focused on sustainability both really present strong opportunities for our members in the reman industry. We still believe that marketing is the final frontier … as the perception of remanufacturing catches up with the reality. Remanufactured goods deliver quality value. Today’s high-technology, high-value components are way too valuable to scrap or even recycle and remanufacturing companies that can manufacture those components a second or third time are well positioned.”

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