Innovations unveiled: Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at AAPEX to showcase leading automotive trailblazers

At the AAPEX 2023, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion Booth Number: J10224 promises to be a hub of innovation, as industry giants unveil their latest advancements in the automotive sector. From AI-enhanced ADAS systems to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), attendees are set for a deep dive into the future of vehicular technology.

At the AAPEX 2023, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion Booth Number: J10224 promises to be a hub of innovation, as industry giants unveil their latest advancements in the automotive sector. From AI-enhanced ADAS systems to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), attendees are set for a deep dive into the future of vehicular technology.

Recently, representatives from these distinguished companies exhibiting at AAPEX sat down for interviews to shed light on their latest innovations and industry breakthroughs: 



•MiTAC Digital




CHIMEI Motor: Leading with AI-enhanced ADAS systems

Jammy Hsu, General Manager of CHIMEI Motor, is eager to highlight the company’s ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) offerings, which leverage artificial intelligence in unique ways. As Hsu explains, while most AI in ADAS relies on robust GPUs and cloud computing, CHIMEI’s approach emphasizes edge computing, a method where recognition is performed at the camera level. This unique system ensures that a single-camera failure doesn’t impact other components and reduces the latency risk associated with transmitting significant data volumes.

“To support camera-level edge computing, we are committed to optimizing recognition models for the camera’s SOC, ensuring high accuracy and fast response times,” Hsu said. “We have developed proprietary AI algorithms and image-specific camera modules. Our extensive database and expertise help us address various real-world scenarios, including corner cases.”

Indeed, adaptability is integral to CHIMEI’s offerings. The company’s AI technology allows for action learning, where, with client consent, the system can automatically collect images of hard-to-recognize scenarios. This data is then sent back for refinement, ensuring continuous improvement.

Hsu emphasizes that CHIMEI’s products comply with regulatory standards. Our products are all designed to meet regulatory standards and are developed for the OE (Original Equipment) market. The key differentiator between our products and aftermarket applications is the ease of installation, and our design philosophy includes simple installation and calibration methods,” Hsu said. “We incorporate image monitoring tech that ensures our system remains functional even under adverse conditions like dirt, rain or fog.

“We believe that only with camera-based AI analysis, can we accurately predict the scenes about to unfold in the next second, creating endless possibilities.”

BOA’s commitment to quality and innovation

Ensuring adherence to stringent quality standards is paramount for any brand seeking global recognition. In a recent interview with Annie Tsai, Deputy Sales Manager of BOA, we delve into the company’s rigorous efforts to comply with both the ANSI and DIN standards, especially when serving the American and European markets.

“For decades, BOA products have held an excellent sales record in both markets, without any relative complaints,” Tsai shared. BOA’s commitment to excellence includes rigorous testing and quality control measures encompassing material inspections, durability tests and performance evaluations. An in-house R&D team also ensures continuous monitoring of changes and updates to the standards, adapting their manufacturing processes promptly to align with the latest revisions.

One of BOA’s significant selling points is customization. Highlighting their adeptness, Tsai shared an instance where BOA developed a specialized palm sander tailored for a unique wax used by a client in the auto retailing industry. “This collaboration not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, subsequently driving increased sales for their waxing product line,” Tsai said. 

Innovation is also at the heart of BOA’s operations. The company has developed patented designs like the triple-hammer mechanism, which boasts features such as a one-piece anvil design and a groove design to extend spring durability. Another noteworthy product is their flexible head sander, optimized for varied angle applications.

Tsai also emphasized BOA’s successful collaborations with businesses in the American and European markets. “Operating in the OEM & ODM style, we have consistently welcomed collaborations with local partners, further strengthening our presence in these regions.”

Lastly, touching upon their most popular product line, Tsai spotlighted the 1/2″ air impact wrench, which aligns with the rising demand for high-performance, durable tools. She envisions a promising future for this product, thanks to its low vibration and enhanced durability features.

“Since the demand for high-performance, more-durable tools are on the rise, particularly in industries where efficiency and reliability are paramount, our 1/2″ air impact wrench aligns perfectly with these requirements,” Tsai says. “We expect the demand for tools with a triple hammer mechanism will grow in the heavy automotive aftermarket and industrial markets in the very near future.”

MiTAC Digital: The forefront of Internet of Vehicles

MiTAC Digital Technology Corp. has positioned itself at the crossroads of automotive electronics, IoT and cloud services. Director Stark Yang is particularly excited about MiTAC’s focus on Mobility as a Service (MaaS).  

“We position our technological development around Mobility as a Service (MaaS), seamlessly integrating various transportation services into a unified platform to enhance transportation mobility convenience,” Yang says. A core area of their work centers on connected vehicles and harnessing AI-driven big data to analyze driver behavior, which helps prevent accidents and better manage risks.

A standout product, the MioEYE K series + VisionMax, embodies MiTAC’s innovative spirit, integrating big data, Edge AI and IoT technologies. The challenges in creating such a product were vast. Yang recounts the issues of edge AI, where the conditions can influence accuracy, and hardware concerns related to heat management. However, the final product represents a high-quality hardware platform and a holistic solution in fleet management.

With our real-time in-vehicle warning mechanism and two-way communication feature, fleet managers can monitor driving behavior and send reminders whenever there’s a warming to the backend. 

Moreover, MiTAC’s use of blockchain technology ensures the integrity of video footage, a feature invaluable to insurance companies and fleet managers. “Seeing isn’t always believing in this digital age,” Yang says. “By integrating the Blockchain technology, our clients don’t need to worry if the raw footage has been tampered intentionally, nor does the insurance company, which saves lots of time on the insurance claims.”

For smaller service providers, MiTAC’s one-stop service approach proves invaluable. Their comprehensive offerings streamline the process from product development to service provision, eliminating the need for clients to juggle multiple suppliers.

MSI’s smart EV parking system with advanced features

MSI, a global leader in innovation and an already well-established brand in gaming, has introduced a pioneering smart EV parking system that seamlessly integrates with the existing automotive infrastructure. Designed for urban settings with confined spaces and  dated facilities, the system features an EV charger equipped with a camera for vehicle license plate recognition. This innovation aids in managing authorized vehicles, ensuring optimal utilization of limited parking slots. Additionally, it empowers administration teams with the capability to remotely monitor live parking status and take swift action if needed.

Highlighting their strategic approach in the complex automotive aftermarket, Joe Chu, Business Development Manager at MSI, revealed that the company is in active collaboration with automotive manufacturers. While the specifics are under a non-disclosure agreement, more information will be shared in the future, he said.

An integral part of MSI’s smart parking system is the panoramic monitoring feature. Through AI-driven license plate recognition, the system ensures enhanced security and functionality for users. Chu confirmed that MSI is looking to further harness AI technology, suggesting more applications built atop the current system in the near future.

Though the system is currently operational only in Taiwan, MSI is keen on global expansion. The company aims to adapt its product to various geographic and regulatory conditions, with the U.S. on its radar. “We will definitely work with our partners to support various geographic and regulatory environments, including the U.S.,” Chu said.

Regarding the rapidly changing automotive landscape, Chu assures that MSI is fully committed to the EV sector. The company’s forward-thinking approach includes refining chargers for complete compatibility with BEV and PHEV vehicles and offering software OTA updates via LAN, WiFi or 4G, ensuring that their solutions remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

EverFocus: A journey from legacy systems to AI-driven security

In the bustling heart of transport hubs, security has become paramount, especially with the advent of modern threats. EverFocus is leading the charge by introducing their innovative smart station and AI Mirror solutions, aiming not just to enhance security, but to make a bridge between the past and future of security tech.

Many facilities are still equipped with legacy systems. And while these systems served well in their prime, the need for modern, AI-enhanced security is evident. But the transition from these systems can be daunting. Enter EverFocus, with their strategy to upgrade the age-old CCTV to the more advanced IP cameras and NVRs. Gary Chen, the Product Sales Manager at EverFocus, shed light on their unique PALUN series, which  has pioneered as an ethernet over coax converter solution. The value of the PALUN series, Chen explains, “is its flexibility to transition from analog to IP systems without the need for re-cabling, making the process efficient and cost-effective.” And it’s not just about the tech; the company has forged collaborations with system integrators and always ensures a comprehensive pre-transfer assessment for a fluid transition.

In today’s age, where data privacy is not just a concern but a demand, EverFocus stays a step ahead. With AI systems that capture data from passengers and passers-by, one might be quick to point out potential privacy threats. However, Chen was quick to highlight the rigorous security measures in place. From malware protection to Intel’s Hardware-Enabled Security Tech and foundational security, EverFocus has it all. The data stored in HDDs is also protected by a third-party Trusted Platform Module (TPM). And of course, accessing this data requires AES-256 encryption.

Realizing that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work, especially for varied transport hubs and vehicle types, EverFocus champions customization and scalability. Chen pointed out their collaboration with tech behemoths, Intel and NVIDIA. “We have developed a complete product line of security systems, ranging from the 4-channel basic needs to the 64-channel server-level NVRs,” Chen says. “With a full-fledged product and RD team, any specific project need could also be discussed and customized.  

For EverFocus, safety isn’t just about technology; it’s about timely and effective responses. With deep learning algorithms, they promise real-time monitoring and swift alerting, be it for detecting suspicious items or any passenger-related incidents.

With its sights firmly set on the horizon of smart transportation technology, EverFocus thrives on collaboration. Their motto, “Together we can do great things,” perfectly encapsulates their ethos. Those attending the AAPEX show are in for a treat, with EverFocus unveiling their latest offerings.

EverFocus is much more than a product manufacturer.

“We’re a holistic solution provider,” Chen says.  

CUB Elecparts sets new standards with advanced vehicle safety systems in North America

CUB Elecparts Inc., with an established reputation spanning more than 44 years in auto parts design and manufacturing, is transforming North American vehicle safety with its state-of-the-art Millimeter-wave (MMW) radar and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

With more than four decades of expertise in auto parts, TPMS and ADAS design and manufacturing, CUB Elecparts Inc. has established a reputation for excellence. 

Lily Chen, deputy spokeswoman for CUB Elecparts, remarked on the company’s mission. “North America has always been the most important market for the CUB Group. Over the past 44 years, we have continually refined our products so that all AM dealers and jobbers can achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with low prices and fast installation times.” 

The MMW radar system, a cornerstone of CUB’s innovation, boasts easy and quick integration. In collaboration with Lippert Scouts, a trailer installation took merely an hour, while EV truck installations in Detroit were completed in just 30 minutes. 

Addressing concerns about the unpredictable North American weather, Chen emphasizes, “This is the core value of CUB’s MMW radar system. As the signals are less affected by bad weather such as cloudy, sunny, snowy and rainy days, it can work efficiently in both normal and adverse conditions.” Additionally, the MMW radar’s precision is unmatched, capable of detecting movements as small as a fraction of a millimeter.

CUB also introduced its TPMS, designed for optimal usability. The 5″ TFT touch panel, extended antenna, and the innovative spherical tire pressure sensor streamline the installation process for users. A key feature is its auto-learning mechanism that favors users when trailers need to be exchanged.

Chen also touched upon the company’s commitment to continuous learning. “CUB has our own R&D and on-site FAE team to provide sample installation, dynamic and stationary testing,” she says. “After customers purchase our radar system, we initiate training and provide user and operation manuals.”

Looking to the future, CUB is ahead of the curve, anticipating technological advancements and ensuring that their systems are always up to date. “In response to the arrival of the EV market, CUB Radar has successfully upgraded both our firmware and software to integrate with the EV vehicle,” Chen affirmed.

With a dedicated branch office in both California and Detroit, CUB promises robust after-sales support and warranties, ranging from one to three years based on vehicle usage.

Chen concluded with a message to industry professionals: “CUB group is here to let everyone witness that we have already laid out the trends for the next 10 years for North America. We hope you can see our success and hard work.”

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