Industry leaders nominated for prestigious Remanufacturer of the Year Awards

The winners will be announced at the upcoming awards ceremony at this year's Rematec Amsterdam show.

(At left) Francois de Ribet & Mino Yamamoto, VALEO, and MEMA's John Chalifoux.

MEMA’s John Chalifoux is among this year’s nominees for Remanufacturer of the Year awards, along with companies such as Stellantis and VALEO.

Rematec News’ Remanufacturer of the Year Award is the most prestigious honor in remanufacturing. The prizes are given to a person or business that has served remanufacturing with particular distinction in the categories Best Reman Process Optimisation, Best Reman Business Innovation and Best Reman Ambassador. Over its lifetime the award has celebrated the achievements of some of the reman industry’s preeminent names. Within the industry it is considered a major accolade.

At a time when green issues, conservation of resources, recycling and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of public concerns, the award is intended to highlight the huge commercial and environmental benefits of remanufacturing.

The winners will be announced at the upcoming awards ceremony at this year’s Rematec Amsterdam show.

Best Reman Ambassador Nominees

Francois de Ribet & Mino Yamamoto, VALEO
Francois de Ribet and Mino Yamamoto have been nominated for their efforts in integrating remanufacturing as a key part of VALEO’s strategy towards CO2 reduction. Remanufacturing at VALEO has significantly contributed to their Circular Economy Strategy and carbon neutrality commitment. They have successfully served numerous global OEMs and achieved an impressive industrial remanufacturing capacity of up to 1 million units per year. In addition, they’ve expanded their footprint beyond Europe into Asia, South America and the U.S.

Company: VALEO
Stand: 8.225

Mike Hague-Morgan, Autocraft
As the Executive Director of Autocraft, Mike Hague-Morgan has spent over a decade driving the development of the remanufacturing industry, particularly in the UK. He’s known for actively advocating for automotive remanufacturing, and has been instrumental in changing public perceptions of remanufactured products. Mike is passionate about the sustainability benefits of EV battery remanufacturing, which he believes is vital to achieving net-zero in the automotive industry.

Company: Autocraft
Stand: 8.330

Krzysztof Smolec, OTOMATIC Smolec i Wronka sp. jawna
Krzysztof Smolec has been dedicated to promoting and modernizing the regeneration of particulate filters since 2018. Thanks to numerous campaigns initiated by him, the demand for this type of regeneration service is growing dynamically across Europe. He’s also been an active contributor to industry articles, effectively raising awareness about the importance of filter cleaning services.

Company: OTOMATIC Smolec i Wronka sp. jawna
Stand: 8.605

John Chalifoux, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers
As an advocate and trusted leader in the industry, John Chalifoux is another notable nominee. His commitment and leadership have significantly advanced the remanufacturing industry. Chalifoux is Chief Operating Officer, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers, as well as Chief Sustainability Officer, MEMA.

Best Reman Process Optimization Nominees

ATR Transmissies / ATR Remote
ATR Remote has been nominated for their ability to remotely program, adapt or diagnose electronic systems of a car, both for new and used transmission modules. This innovative remote service offers a comprehensive support system to customers, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Autocraft Solutions Group (ASG)
ASG has been nominated for their robust remanufacturing process for engines and EV batteries. They employ a meticulous process of cleaning, disassembling, inspecting, machining, reassembling and testing to ensure top-quality remanufactured products.

Company: Autocraft
Stand: 8.330

OTOMATIC Smolec i Wronka sp. jawna
DPF filter with an electron microscope

The company has earned a nomination for their methods in regenerating particulate filters, which help reduce harmful emissions. Their process is a crucial contribution towards the growing demand for a low-emission economy.

Company: OTOMATIC Smolec i Wronka sp. jawna
Stand: 8.605

Best Reman Business Innovation Nominees

GRMTronics S.r.l.s.
GRMTronics has been nominated for their test bench for ABS systems. This innovation is a result of their ingenuity and unique collaboration with a carpentry production company.

Company: GRMTronics S.r.l.s.
Stand: 8.408

STELLANTIS launched the first REMAN range for Light Vehicles in Brazil and has earned a nomination. Their innovative business model now includes seven product lines, making them a leader in the remanufacturing industry.

Stand: 8.305

ATR Transmissies / ATR Remote
ATR Remote has earned another nomination in this category for their innovative Remote Diagnosis system. This service demonstrates their continuous commitment to developing new technologies to enhance customer experience.

Autocraft EV Solutions
Autocraft’s EV Solutions has developed a process for remanufacturing used Nissan Leaf batteries for use in stationary energy storage systems, accelerating the development of their technology.

Company: Autocraft
Stand: 8.330

OTOMATIC Smolec i Wronka sp. jawna
Finally, OTOMATIC Smolec i Wronka has been nominated for their hydrodynamic DPF regeneration machine. This innovation presents a highly effective and eco-friendly solution for regenerating particulate filters.

Company: OTOMATIC Smolec i Wronka sp. jawna
Stand: 8.605

This year’s RotY Awards will be judged by an esteemed panel of members. They include Felix Feuerbach, co-founder and shareholder of Kemény Boehme & Company in Germany; Erik Sundin, a senior lecturer and associate professor at Linköping University in Sweden; and Peter Bartel, a board member of APRA Europe in Belgium.

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