IAA MOBILITY 2023 becomes more international, record number of companies participating, show organizers report

The number of countries present has also increased, with Singapore, Kosovo, Thailand, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Serbia making their first appearances.

IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich will set the bar from September 5 to 10. It is the world’s leading platform for mobility, sustainability and technology, and this will be its second time in Munich. The interest and RSVPs from the biggest and most important companies in the automotive, technology, cycling, and micromobility sectors illustrate the international relevance of this unique mobility platform.

“IAA MOBILITY is where the entire mobility world comes together in Munich. The focus will be on one particular issue that affects us all: Mobility shapes how we live, work, and experience our world. With our slogan, ‘Experience Connected Mobility’, we will show what the mobility of the future will look like. This is a herculean task, and the key to doing so lies in the combination of sustainability and digitalization. Moreover, IAA MOBILITY doesn’t only address one means of transport, and instead seeks to interlink the mobility landscape and present solutions that prioritize people,” said VDA President Hildegard Müller at Thursday’s IAA MOBILITY press conference.

“In Munich, IAA MOBILITY will open up to discussion and exchange of ideas with the society at the trade fair grounds and at many of the public places. Many forms of mobility will be shown: Be it on the street or on a bicycle test track in English Garden. We are working closely with our partner VDA in this process to ensure that every visit to IAA MOBILITY in Munich guarantees exciting experiences and induces people to think,” said the two directors of Messe München, Stefan Rummel and Dr Reinhard Pfeiffer.

IAA MOBILITY is the world’s most progressive platform for sustainability through electrification and digitalization. It seeks to shed light on the full variety of the mobility world, and invite all stakeholders to engage in dialogue. “The car will be a key component in the future of mobility, but at the same time it will be just one of many dimensions. IAA MOBILITY has changed the nature of mobility conventions. The combination of the IAA SUMMIT on the convention center grounds and the IAA Open Space in downtown Munich provides insight into the future of mobility platforms,” says Müller.

IAA MOBILITY 2023 will be more international

Compared to IAA MOBILITY 2021, there will be far more international presenters this year. The number of presenters from abroad has increased by 17%, from 33% in 2021 to 50% this year. Leading German companies will be joined by many renowned companies from across the globe, including BYD, Google, LG, and Samsung. At the same time, the number of companies making their debut at IAA MOBILITY has never been higher. China, the USA, Austria, South Korea and France will be the most heavily represented countries aside from Germany.

The number of countries present has also increased, with Singapore, Kosovo, Thailand, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Serbia making their first appearances. The ‘Ukrainian Automotive Cluster’, funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the VDA, will have a stand at the IAA Summit as well.

Asia will also have a greater presence, with 41% of presenters coming from this continent. The number of Chinese companies coming to IAA MOBILITY 2023 has more than doubled. Furthermore, this year’s World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC) will be held at IAA MOBILITY on September 6, thus leaving China for the very first time.
Importance of the B2B platform IAA Summit & IAA Conference increases – IAA Summit convention halls 90% booked

This time, the IAA Summit and IAA Conference are solely geared toward trade visitors (B2B) and will be held during the week from September 5 to 8 at the convention center in Munich. The IAA Summit and IAA Conference will be held in six different halls, where keynotes, discussions, and informational talks will take place across three stages. More than 500 speakers from around the world are expected at IAA MOBILITY 2023.
Here is just a brief list of some of this year’s speakers:
• Cristiano Amon, CEO Qualcomm Technologies
• Wendy Bauer, General Manager Automotive & Manufacturing, Amazon Web Service (AWS) 
• Oliver Blume, CEO Volkswagen and CEO Porsche
• Martin Brudermüller, CEO BASF 
• Alyssa Carson, American space enthusiast and graduate of the NASA Space Camp 
• Meredith Glaser, Executive Director Urban Cycling Institute Amsterdam 
• Jochen Hanebeck, CEO Infineon Technologies
• Stefan Hartung, CEO Robert Bosch
• Brian Hongdi Gu, Honorary Vice Chairman of the Board and Co-President XPENG
• Thomas Ingenlath, CEO Polestar
• HanBin Lee, CEO Seoul Robotics
• Richard Lutz, CEO Deutsche Bahn
• Ola Källenius, CEO Mercedes-Benz Group
• Christophe Périllat, CEO VALEO 
• Mate Rimac, CEO Bugatti Rimac, as well as Founder and CEO Rimac Technology
• Danny Shapiro, Vice President Automotive NVIDIA
• Nikolai Setzer, CEO Continental
• Carsten Spohr, CEO Lufthansa Group
• Sandra Wolf, CEO Riese & Müller
• Oliver Zipse, CEO BMW Group
The IAA Summit halls are at over 90% capacity just two months before the event begins. There are only a few vacant spots left, which will be assigned by the end of July. IAA MOBILITY is receiving requests to participate in this year’s event every day.
In addition to the IAA Conference, the IAA Summit also gives 100 international start-ups the opportunity to present their ideas for digital, climate-friendly mobility, and network with leading companies from the industry. Participating start-ups come from many countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Scotland, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, and the USA. The company Mobility Makers is organizing 10-minute one-on-one conversations to assist in this networking. These “B2B speed dating sessions” bring interested companies, start-ups, policy makers, venture capital firms, and journalists together. Various awards, like the OttoCar trophies and ‘Cargo Bike of the Year’, are given out as well.
Battery technology innovation is another field that plays an important role in B2B communication. Numerous companies working in battery technology, charging, electro-mobility, and energy have signed up to participate, including CATL, CHARGE-V, ChargeX, Digital Charging Solutions, EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies, EnBW, e-mobilio, Farasis Energy Europe, Gaius Automotive China, Gentex Corporation, Guangdong Greenway Technology, GUS Technology China, HeyCharge, Hive Power China, HTM Hydro Technology Motors, Longwell Company China, MAHLE Group, RABOT CHARGE, Samsung SDI, Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor China, Shenzhen VMAX New Energy China, XEV China, and Wallbox Chargers.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz to open IAA MOBILITY 2023 

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will open IAA MOBILITY 2023 on 5 September at the convention center during the IAA Summit. “The mobility industry needs legal parameters that will lead it into the future. For this reason, we are very excited that our main speaker on Tuesday afternoon will be the chancellor of Germany and that the Minister-President of Bavaria Markus Söder and the Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter will open the event with a word of welcome,” says Müller. “We need robust local conditions in order to realize the transformation of mobility. Furthermore, the industries will have to work together globally so that this can happen and that decarbonization will occur within the internationally agreed time frames.”
IAA MOBILITY network expands with international partners

The range of internationally known and renowned partners includes Accenture, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), the MIT Mobility Initiative, Universität St. Gallen, advisory specialists PwC, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the ‘Women in Mobility’ network.

IAA MOBILITY with new presenters – and greater focus on bicycles

Leading automotive companies BMW, BYD, Lucid, Mercedes, Opel, Renault, Rimac, Vinfast, VW, Bosch, Continental, and many more companies from the supply industry will be present. AWS, Horizon Robotics, IBM, J.P. Morgan, LG, Samsung, Qualcomm, and many other tech companies underline the importance of the digitization for the sector. In addition, a wide range of new presenters from the bicycle and micromobility sector will be joining as well: Specialized, CaGo Bike, Riese & Müller, Mubea U-Mobility, MyStromer, Black Tea Motorbikes, and RKS Motor, etc. will present their latest models and technological innovations.

This is a version of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, seen at IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

The World Cycling Forum (WCF) 2023 will also be held for a second time at IAA MOBILITY in Munich. The WCF brings together experts from the cycling industry and major decision makers so that they can discuss the industry’s potential and opportunities in a constantly changing market.

The free IAA MOBILITY Open Space – visitors experience mobility in action

The manner in which an industry event is held was changed for IAA MOBILITY in Munich. The IAA MOBILITY Open Space will be accessible to the B2C public throughout the entire city center from September 5 to 10. IAA MOBILITY is using the Open Space to turn different areas of downtown Munich into interactive spaces for visitors. All services are publicly accessible and free of charge.

The Open Space is a festival for sustainable mobility, a place of dialogue and discussion, and a test track all in one. It is the perfect stage for urban mobility with relevance for users, and a place where brands, initiatives, and stakeholders can engage with each other. Embedded between cultural services, dining opportunities, and live entertainment, the Open Space is the ideal place for interacting with the mobility of tomorrow. IAA MOBILITY also wants to be a part of the social discourse and bring it forward. The Citizens Lab in front of Munich City Hall will serve as a platform where everybody can discuss mobility in urban and rural areas, with the specific goal of advancing communication on this topic.

IAA Experience with special highlight the English Garden

IAA Experience is the interactive format of IAA MOBILITY. Various exhibitors will present different types of cars and micromobility downtown for visitors of the IAA Open Space to test from September 5 to 10. The primary focus will be on experiencing climate-neutral, innovative forms of mobility. A total of six starting and end points are planned for the Open Space, and over 150 vehicles are currently set to be available. Automotive companies that are offering test drives so far include AUDI, BMW, BYD, Ford, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Polestar, Porsche, smart, Vinfast, Volkswagen, and XPENG.
Another highlight is in the English Garden, where a nearly 2.5-mile cycling track will be set up for testing bicycles and e-bikes from companies like Specialized, CaGo Bike, Riese & Müller, Mubea U-Mobility, MyStromer, and RKS Motor.

Car manufacturers, energy providers, bicycle manufacturers, and many more will have stands all throughout the city center to present their ideas – and vehicles – that will shape the future of mobility. IAA MOBILITY will also offer the Metaverse Experience – a connection between the real and the virtual world.
The Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) has organized IAA since 1897. In 2020, this world-renowned event moved from Frankfurt to Munich, and Messe München has been the cooperating partner ever since. IAA MOBILITY 2021 was completely revised as a result of the move, and has transformed from an automotive convention to a platform for globally relevant topics pertaining to mobility. The new IAA MOBILITY provides food for thought across sectors, and advances the dialogue with stakeholders from the areas of business, policy, media, and society. IAA MOBILITY plays a role in making mobility solutions interactable and showing that they are environment-friendly, easy and fun to use for all age groups. It is the most important platform for the new mobility community worldwide.

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