If you’ve never visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, now is the time. 

Aftermarket Intel Editor Mark Phillips sits in on drums at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Photo by Kim Larson-Phillips

Here’s why: It’s far more than a museum. It’s an engaging, interactive trip through rock and roll history and it just keeps getting better. Every business can learn a lot from the way they’re doing it. 

First, who doesn’t like music? So, right off, it’s got that going for it. When I visited recently, they had a huge band playing — right outside the front doors! (It was Interpol.)

Getting to vote to nominate a band is just one of the interactive elements of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Here, I nominate Slayer. Photo by Kim Larson-Phillips

Second, everyone there is pretty happy. I mean, you’re surrounded by music!

As you wind your way through the museum, you’re greeted by ever-changing exhibits. Here’s an example: a rock and roll pinball game room. Guests scan their wristbands and get free tokens to play rock-themed pinball machines. It wasn’t long before I fed quite a few tokens into one particular band’s game (Metallica). 

As if floor after floor of rock and roll, metal and rap memorabilia weren’t enough, there’s a floor where you can just pick up an instrument and play. I’ve played drums for more than 30 years (yeah, that long!) So I jammed with two Rock & Roll Hall of Fame employees on guitar and bass for about a half-hour. How fun is that? (Yes, that’s me on the drums in the photo above.)

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame hasn’t just created a museum. They’ve created an experience. A destination. A place to get your mind moving and creating. This place is a gem. 

Apple stores certainly sell an experience. And not only will they sell you a laptop, but they’ll teach you how to use it in the best way. 

Now, why can’t every business be like this? What can you do in your business to make people want to do business with you? And not only just do business, but really, really desire to keep coming back for more?

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