Hot Shot’s Secret, a leading brand of high performance fuel and oil additives for gas and diesel vehicles, now offers a new line of Severe Duty Transmission Fluids and Gear Oils branded under their most premium line, Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond Severe Duty formulas are for all vehicles that experience heavy loads, towing or challenging terrain including commercial or utility vehicles, semi-trucks, motorhomes, tractors and off-road vehicles where there is an excessive demand on transmissions and gears.  

Hot Shot’s Secret’s Blue Diamond Severe Duty Transmission Fluid and Gear Oil formulas utilize 100 percent poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) Group IV synthetic oils and high-quality Group V esters infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s patented FR3 nano technology.  Both Blue Diamond Transmission Fluids and Gear Oils offer multiple benefits that provide longer transmission and gear protection and performance with extended drain intervals. 

Developed to be the most effective transmission fluid and gear oil on the market today, Blue Diamond Severe Duty formulas ensure improved oxidation resistance and thermal stability; all while reducing deposits, varnish and sludge that can cause costly breakdowns. These unique formulas reduce heat transfer with improved oxidation stability for maximum protection. The FR3 nano technology provides a higher level of energy efficiency for improved shift response, reduced noise and vibration, and horsepower gain up to 3%. All Blue Diamond Severe Duty products are backed by Hot Shot’s Secret’s money back guarantee

Visit Hot Shot’s Secret’s website for a list of applications for Blue Diamond Severe Duty Transmission Fluid, which is offered in two types: a Multi-Vehicle ATF covering numerous applications and a version for Ford Type F / Allison C4 spec transmissions.

Severe Duty Gear Oil is recommended for all commercial use (light, med and HD) and utility vehicles that experience heavy towing and hauling as well as utility vehicles, tractors, semi-trucks, motorhomes, off-road trucks and UTVs that need added film strength for extra protection. Hot Shot’s Secret’s Blue Diamond Severe Duty Gear Oil is offered in three viscosity levels: 75W-90, 80W-110 and 85W-140.

For more information about Hot Shot’s Secret transmission fluids and other high performance formulas, visit, or visit the Hot Shot’s Secret Dealer Locator to find a dealer in your vicinity.   To speak directly with a Hot Shot’s Secret highly qualified technician, call toll free 800-341-6516, or visit our Talk to an Expert page for specific help.

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