Here’s what is waiting for you at Rematec Asia in Guangzhou

Rematec Asia, the premier professional remanufacturing trade exhibition in Asia, is set to return August 28-30, 2024, continuing its mission of bridging the gap between East and West in the remanufacturing industry.

Originating from Amsterdam, the Rematec brand has made a significant global impact, with its recent 2023 event in the Netherlands attracting professionals from more than 80 countries.

A spotlight on Innovation at Rematec Asia 2024

This year’s edition will focus on the recycling and remanufacturing of electric vehicle (EV) batteries and components, alongside traditional remanufacturing sectors. This is a crucial opportunity for professionals from auto parts stores, repair shops, vehicle remanufacturing departments and dealer alliances to explore the latest advancements and trends.

Rematec Asia offers a deep dive into the burgeoning Chinese remanufacturing market. The Rematec Theatre will host discussions on technical innovations, market trends, business strategies, government policies and industry practices. Industry executives and experts will share their knowledge on global auto parts remanufacturing, EV parts industry practices, battery remanufacturing, technical standards and policy interpretation.

Rematec Asia will offer an exclusive business tour for European enterprises, providing unparalleled insights into China’s rapidly advancing remanufacturing sector. Attendees can meet and network with influential industry leaders and key stakeholders across the entire remanufacturing value chain, covering a broad spectrum from automotive engines to electronic products.

Visitors can experience firsthand how leading Chinese companies operate within the remanufacturing sector. These visits provide in-depth understanding and strategic insights into various aspects of the industry, including the latest technological advancements and operational efficiencies.

Participate in direct dialogues with government officials and institutional representatives, gaining critical insights into China’s remanufacturing policies, regulatory environment, and support mechanisms.

Join Rematec Asia to connect with thousands of remanufacturing professionals, exchange knowledge, explore high-quality business opportunities, discover the latest industry trends, and network with peers from China and around the world.

Previous exhibitors of Rematec Asia include:

  • Ag Cores
  • Asysum S.A.
  • ATC Drivetrain
  • Emmetec S.r.l
  • Encory GmbH
  • Ganzeboom
  • GSL
  • Kinergo ZAO
  • MERA
  • MRT
  • MSG
  • Guanzhou Huadu Worldwide Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Wanzhenda Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tebo Auto Parts Remanufacturing (Hebei) Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian Yichi Internal Combustion Engine Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Funing Times Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiana Gold Intelliqent Suspension Corp
  • and many more.

Join Rematec Asia 2024 to be part of this dynamic and growing industry. Explore the future of remanufacturing, connect with global leaders and gain insights into the emerging Chinese reman market. Find out more here.

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