Global remanufacturing showcase Rematec Amsterdam 2023 kicks off

This year’s event embraces the key global trends shaping the industry, including electrification, shared mobility platforms, autonomous driving and connectivity.

David Fitzsimons, Director, European Remanufacturing Council, and the recipients of the Remanufacturer of the Year Awards pushed a button to kick off the 2023 Rematec Amsterdam show. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel

Amid the evolving landscape of the automotive aftermarket, the world’s leading remanufacturing trade show, Rematec Amsterdam, began its three-day exhibition in The Netherlands today.

This year’s event embraces the key global trends shaping the industry, including electrification, shared mobility platforms, autonomous driving and connectivity.

With sustainability at its heart, the event serves as a vital cog in the machinery of the circular economy. It is an essential platform for professionals, offering them the opportunity to connect with fellow remanufacturing peers from more than 80 different nationalities.

“On behalf of RAI Amsterdam, on behalf of the Rematec advisory board and especially on behalf of APRA, welcome to you all,” said David Fitzsimons, Director, European Remanufacturing Council, during the Tuesday morning opening ceremony.

Rematec Amsterdam 2023, running from June 27th through 29th, is focused on three pillars: Electric vehicles, battery packs and sustainable manufacturing. The event offers attendees an opportunity to source components and parts from remanufacturers, distributors and suppliers, gain insights into industry and business challenges, and find services and equipment providers that can bolster their market share. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for attendees to network with AI-powered technology, fostering potential new business partnerships and reconnecting with old industry friends.

Rematec Amsterdam was officially opened by Dr. Daniel C. F. Köhler, Chairman APRA Europe; Nynke Lipsius, Group Director Mobility RAI Amsterdam; and Kim Buitelaar, Exhibition Manager, RAI Amsterdam.

The opening discussions highlighted the significance of sharing knowledge and expertise in enhancing product lifecycles and achieving sustainable goals with remanufacturing. José Almeida, Market Affairs Manager at CLEPA, and Peter Bartel, Vice-Chairman of APRA session, further contributed to the discussions.

Following the opening discussions, the prestigious Remanufacturer of the Year Awards were announced. Judged by a panel of remanufacturing industry experts, these awards recognized excellence in three categories: Best Reman Business Innovation, Process Optimisation, and Reman Ambassador.

In the category of Best Reman Process Optimisation, ATR Transmissies / ATR Remote claimed the top spot, recognized for its innovative solutions that could be adapted for numerous other processes. Autocraft EV Solutions, Autocraft Solutions Group, clinched the title of Best Reman Business Innovation, with the jury acknowledging its crucial role in propelling innovation within the industry.

Lastly, Erik Sundin of Linköping University was honored as the Best Reman Ambassador.

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