Diesel Technic supports distribution partners with 360-degree full service

Diesel Technic uses a variety of channels to provide its distribution partners with the best possible information on its 41,000 products.

Distribution partners of Diesel Technic, the global supplier of automotive parts and accessories, know that the company’s service extends well beyond the purchase of its products. With a 360° full-service, Diesel Technic provides support in all business processes – before, during and after purchase.

Comprehensive product information for personal advantage 

Diesel Technic uses a variety of channels to provide its distribution partners with the best possible information on its 41,000 products.  As well as the classic product catalogues, which are available in both printed and online versions, all article information is updated daily in the Partner Portal. Customers can access the portal using their personal login to order spare parts quickly, at any time of day or night, to suit their own requirements. The monthly “Business info” newsletter keeps readers informed of the latest news from Diesel Technic and its product brands, enabling customers to preserve their own competitive edge. 

International and individual consultancy 

“We believe it is particularly important to stand by our distribution partners in all business processes and work in partnership with them. Our employees from more than 30 nations enable the provision of that support with active sales and marketing – as far as possible, in our partners’ own languages,” said Volker Brinkmann, Head of Communications at Diesel Technic SE. 

Individual requirements analyses help distribution partners to optimise their planning, for example, in terms of purchasing. As well as this personal support, all important information and forms are available in the Service Centre, accessible via the Partner Portal, ensuring swift processing. 

Regular reciprocal visits also have a positive impact on the company’s cooperation. Anyone wishing to visit to our company headquarters in Kirchdorf, Lower Saxony, can register their interest using the contact form

Guarantee and practical tips for satisfied customers

Trust in the company’s branded products is rewarded with a 24-month (DT Spare Parts) or 12-month (SIEGEL Automotive) brand guarantee. The guarantee applies to the whole product range and begins on the day on which the end user purchases the product. To support problem-free installation, many products are provided complete with assembly instructions. Specific product trainings and videos by the Parts Specialists provide practical tips from experienced master mechanics.

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