This image shows the new DEI brochure. The cover reads, "DEI Innovative Heat And Sound Control Solutions." Control the heat and sound in your jeep. The background of the brochure is yellow and features an orange Jeep Rubicon.

Jeeps today are as popular for street driving as off-roading and  while they can take the fiercest punishment at Moab, they are not known to be particularly quiet or protected from extreme temps, hot and cold. DEI, specialist in heat and sound control, now offers a full catalog of products designed specifically for early and late model Jeeps. Whether it is an early model Rubicon or a late model newly designed Jeep JL, DEI has products that will improve comfort and reduce noise for a more enjoyable ride. 

The full-color four-page brochure features Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Insulating Headliner that reduces noise levels a full 3 to 4 decibels while reducing heat from the roof in either original black texture or a cool leather look. For overall heat and sound control, DEI offers pre-cut headliner and side window kits for JK, TJ and the new JL models in black, gray and white in both  2-door and 4-door kits.

Problems with heat soak and vapor lock can be of major concern whether in the desert or on the street and DEI has the solution with a Jeep Fuel Rail and Injector Cover Kit for 1997-2004 inline 6 engines. DEI’s Under hood Thermal Acoustic Lining insulates the underside of hoods and doubly serves as a sound deadener while protecting expensive hood paint finishes. Self-adhesive, this is a quick and easy way to reduce noise and vibration with a peel and stick application.

To learn more about the many products designed for Jeep vehicles filled with products custom designed to protect components from extreme heat and improve interior acoustics including the Jeep JK 2012-2015 Battery Box Heat Shield Kit, visit to download the DEI Jeep products brochure, or call 800-264-9472 and request #Jeep0119, or e-mail: To keep up with the very latest DEI product introductions and company news connect on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest, in addition to subscribing to DEI’s You Tube channel featuring the new DEI Garage Series.

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