DEI Introduces DEI Garage Video Series

More than 100 videos and more related to heat and sound control solutions for all make and model vehicles are now on YouTube.

DEI has launched the DEI Garage Video Series to help customers understand the right way to improve the comfort of their vehicle, protect them from damaging heat and reduce noise and vibration. The company’s YouTube channel currently includes over 100 videos with playlists like the DEI Garage Series, DEI’s Installation and Application series, in addition to tech tips that explain in detail how to properly use and install exhaust wrap, or how to block heat and vibration from transferring into the interior.

Featuring a guest appearance by Lou Santiago, host of Car Fix (MotorTrend Network) and the former host of Spike TV’s MuscleCar, this new video series will answer any and all questions viewers may have on how to control heat and sound for either vehicle or powersport applications. 

DEI Creative Director & Media Coordinator, Steve Garrett, says, “Video is becoming more and more popular for customers as a way to learn about products and how to use them. We are fortunate that we have talented employees and the ability to create and produce our own videos in house. The host of DEI Garage, Cari, did a great job explaining DEI products and how to use them. Whether you are new to working on your vehicle, or an expert DIY’er, these videos will be educational and fun to watch. This is just the beginning. Expect more soon.” 

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