CRP Automotive Offers Rein Automotive OE Transfer Case Fluid For BMW And Porsche

Rein Automotive’s first automotive fluid has BMW TF 0870/DTF 1 and API GL-4 approvals.

CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, offers Rein Automotive TF 0870 Transfer Case Fluid (Part No. FLDF002) for a variety of BMW and Porsche vehicle applications. Rein Automotive TF 0870 provides excellent oxidative stability, ensuring optimum performance under the most severe operating conditions.

“The Rein Automotive TF 0870 Transfer Case Fluid is the first OE fluid offered by the Rein Automotive brand. It features superior low temperature fluidity, good shear and friction stability, and has excellent thermal properties,” explains Mark Malone, CRP Automotive Brand Director – Chemicals. “Changing transfer case fluid is important to ensuring optimal vehicle performance and helping to avoid major issues. Over time, the fluid can become contaminated and lead to differential failures.”

Available in 1L bottles, Rein Automotive TF 0870 Transfer Case Fluid has BMW TF 0870/DTF 1 and API GL-4 approvals. OE References include BMW 83-22-2-409-710 and Porsche 000-043-305-63.

About Rein Automotive
Rein Automotive offers a wide range of OE-quality automotive replacement parts for import vehicle applications, from motor mounts to hose assemblies and just about everything in-between.  Rein programs include AC parts, an anti-vibration program, an expanded hose program including power steering hoses, and a master cooling program inclusive of coolant hoses, water pumps and kits, coolant expansion tanks, thermostats, and thermostat assemblies along with caps and sensors. The Rein Automotive name stands for consistent and reliable quality.  Only high-quality parts wear the Rein Automotive name, whether for European or Asian vehicles.

About CRP Automotive
CRP Automotive is a leader in the manufacture, marketing, and supply of OE quality import automotive parts. CRP provides some of the industry’s leading brand names, including AAE Steering System Components, Rein® Automotive Parts and Accessories, ContiTech Automotive Belts and Kits, Pentosin Technical Fluids, and AJUSA Engine Parts. All products are backed by the CRP promise of quality and superior service. Founded in 1954, CRP Automotive has established a solid reputation for exceeding its customers’ expectations. CRP maintains key distribution centers in the NAFTA market.

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