BOLT Locks now compatible with many key fobs

The "Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology" innovated by BOLT Lock utilizes a vehicle's ignition key to open every lock produced by the company.

Key fobs and push-to-start vehicles are becoming more and more common as automakers continuously advance their vehicle offerings. BOLT Lock, a company who uses the ignition keys of vehicles to unlock their patented, award-winning locks, has met this transition to keyless entry and keyless starts by announcing that their products use the valet key which comes with the electronic key fobs.
The “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” innovated by BOLT Lock utilizes a vehicle’s ignition key to open every lock produced by the company. Upon the first insertion and rotation of the key in the specially crafted tumblers inside every lock, the key is permanently memorized. Truck and SUV owners utilize BOLT locks with great frequency, so the company is informing customers that its technology works with the valet keys of the key fob vehicles to ensure that anything these vehicle owners secure with their BOLT locks can remain protected.
“At BOLT Lock, we feel it’s very important to let our customers know that they can still use our locks to protect their valuables even if they have key fobs and keyless start vehicles. As automakers move forward into keyless vehicles, we are proud to already have a solution so that way we can still offer the same reliable one-key lock technology to these customers,” said Jason Buckles, sales account manager for BOLT Lock.
BOLT Locks are vehicle make/model/year specific with specialized spring-loaded plate tumblers inside the lock cylinders designed to fit the ignition keys of only certain vehicles. The line of durable precision locks includes Receiver Locks in 5/8- and 1/2-inches, Coupler Pin, 6-foot Cable, Off-Vehicle Coupler and Collar Kingpin locks. Jeep-specific locks include a J-Mount and hood locks as well as the rest of the product line.

About BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology)
BOLT locks come with a limited lifetime warranty. Find a BOLT retailer by using the zip code finder at BOLT locks are also available at 4-Wheel Parts stores,, Pep Boys, O’Reilly’s, NAPA and For more information, visit or call 844.972.7547. Follow BOLT:, Instagram: @BOLTLock or Twitter: @BOLTLock.

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