Autopromotec unveils the AutopromotecEDU calendar

One of the key elements of Autopromotec is AutopromotecEDU, a dialogue and debate platform focusing on innovation and main trends in the aftermarket industry, an opportunity for training and education for aftermarket professionals.


The 2019 edition of Autopromotec, taking place in Bologna May 22-26, is the best venue to “look at the future” of the automotive aftermarket and equipment industry. Besides offering a broad and comprehensive display of key industry players, the event selects the best from the automotive aftermarket in terms of products and services, thereby offering a rich calendar of conferences and round tables on the industry’s hot topics.

One of the key elements to this event is indeed AutopromotecEDU, a dialogue and debate platform focusing on innovation and main trends in the aftermarket industry, an opportunity for training and education for aftermarket professionals. For the 2019 edition, the AutopromotecEDU calendar stands out for a set of interesting talks, including some prominent market leaders, who will offer participants tips and suggestions to optimize, innovate and expand their businesses. Not just updates on new technologies, standards and market evolution, though, but also insights on new communication media, the importance of training and latest market trends.

All the meetings scheduled for AutopromotecEDU will take place by the Ovest (West) – Costituzione entrance of the Bologna fair, the true focal point of the whole exhibition, more specifically in rooms Link, Connect and Pegaso. The full calendar is available on, in the “Event” section; there, you may also find further details on talks and topics and, if you want, you can sign up for limited-number events, including the opening ceremony and the IAM19 – International Aftermarket Meeting 2019 – conference.

AutopromotecEDU calendar: all the events organized for the 2019 edition
The first meeting scheduled for the AutopromotecEDU event is, as customary, the opening ceremony, to take place on Wednesday 22 May 2019 at 10.30 am in Connect Room. Then, a number of interesting events will follow, first and foremost a round table on the “Future of Retreading” (Notturno room, 2.00 pm), providing an in-depth focus on the global tyre retreading industry. Almost at the same time (2.30 pm, Link room), with the special guest Gian Paolo Dallara, a much anticipated conference will take place, focusing on motor sport; the idea is to discuss the correlation between racing and the automotive aftermarket. The first day of Autopromotec will end with the 15th edition of the GIPA Excellence Awards (Connect room, 4.30 pm). The award selects the best players for their outstanding performance on the Italian aftermarket stage.

Thursday, May 23, the second day of the 2019 Autopromotec, will open with one of the most prestigious and anticipated events in the whole AutopromotecEDU calendar: IAM19 – International Aftermarket Meeting 2019 (10.00 am, Connect Room), analysing the evolution of the repair business in the light of new mobility scenarios. At the same time, in Link room, a conference has been organized by ANFIA and MotorK focused on the management of digital channels for aftermarket business. In Pegaso room, (Hall 31), starting at 10.30 am, a discussion will be held about “young repair operators of the future”, organized by GM-EDU Programme. Again, Link room will be the venue of an event focused on body shops, organized by Notiziario Motoristico (12.00 pm), while in the afternoon, at 3.00 pm, an analysis of the financial trends concerning spare parts distributors in Italy will be provided by Italia Bilanci and GiPA. The second day of Autopromotec 2019 ends with conversations on ADAS – advanced driver-assistance systems – and electronic diagnosis (Connect room, 4.00 pm) and the meaning of training and information as a competitive tool in the spare parts distribution market (Link room, 4.30 pm), organized by MotorK and Consulta dei Service Manager with the support of AsConAuto.

On Friday, May, 24, 2019, at 10.00 am, prominent trade associations will discuss the role of LNG in public transport and freight (Connect room). At the same time in Link room, the second motor sport debate will take place; it will focus specifically on the importance of skilled and highly specialized human resources. In the afternoon, in Link room, AutopromotecEDU will host a Country focus on Latin America (2.30 pm) and “Focus Officina”, a training project by AutopromotecEDU and Quattroruote Professional, underlining the value of training for the survival and prosperity of vehicle repair businesses (4.30 pm).

Saturday, May 25, 2019, the closing day of AutopromotecEDU, will stand out for a number of conferences and talks on the change taking place in the automotive industry, which are of particular interest for vehicle repair businesses. The first, at 10.00 am in Connect room, will analyze the future of repair shops in the light of the evolution afoot in the automotive industry; at 10.30 am, in Link room, a conference will take place on electric cars and electronics in repair shops, analyzing the training process and the equipment upgrades needed in order to best tackle future market challenges brought about by the shift towards hybrid, electric and ADAS technologies. Finally, at 2.00 pm, in Link Room, Confartigianato Imprese has organized a conference, while at 4.00 pm it will be the turn of an event organized by CNA and Quoattroruote Professional.

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