Autopromotec CEO: Automotive Aftermarket Disruption Is Happening Now

Renzo Servadei, Autopromotec CEO, at Autopromotec Conference in Bologna, Italy. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel

Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec, spoke recently to Aftermarket Intel, at Autopromotec Conference, a gathering of more than 500 global automotive aftermarket executives, in Bologna, Italy. The conference was held in advance of the Autopromotec 2019 automotive show.

“Our goal is to make people realize that innovation is now, that innovation is disruptive, and you have to understand it or you will go out of the market,” Servadei said. “In our opinion, an exhibition like Autopromotec is a place where people can exchange experience and is not only a place in which they buy or sell product, but buy or sell knowledge. That is the goal we want to achieve with this conference.”

Who is the perfect attendee for this event and for Autopromotec 2019? The entire market, Servadei said. “At this conference, we have car manufacturers, manufacturers of spare parts, manufacturers of garage equipment and shops because … we want to speak about innovation to the whole market.”

Some businesses have a difficult time living in the time of disruption the market faces right now, he said. “It’s very hard to write your ‘story’ when you’re living the story,” he said. “We want people to know that the future is now, not tomorrow and the disruption of innovation is now.”

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