About four months before the opening of Autopromotec, the biennial international exhibition for automotive equipment and aftermarket products to be held at the Bologna exhibition centre on 22-26 May 2019, the organisers have announced the agenda for IAM19 – International Aftermarket Meeting 2019, one of the most prestigious events on the AutopromotecEDU calendar.

AutopromotecEDU is an arena offering in-depth analysis of the hottest topics in the global automotive aftermarket, making Autopromotec increasingly not only an absolute must for commercial activities in odd-numbered years but also a moment of reflection for all the actors of a rapidly evolving sector, offering moments of debate and networking fostering professional growth.

This year’s IAM19 conference, which will open the second day of the Autopromotec 2019 edition, will discuss “The evolution of the car repair business in future mobility scenarios” and will offer the aftermarket community a unique opportunity to listen to trade experts illustrate how the new market drivers – like self-driving, connected cars, electrification and shared cars – will change the rules of the game. In fact, mobility is rapidly evolving, even revolutionizing the world of automotive maintenance and repair. Even if the future is still difficult to predict in all its facets, it is clear to all that a real revolution is already well under way with new challenges at the gate, but also many opportunities for those who know how to exploit them.

McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s top consulting firms, will present visitors with the new scenarios related to self-driving, connected cars, electrification and shared mobility, thanks to its vast experience in the analysis of key megatrends. The mic will then be handed over to the vehicle manufacturer associations, UNRAE and ACEA, which will present the primary changes in vehicles that will affect the aftermarket world. In fact, new materials for bodies and chassis as well as new engines, new fuels and connected cars will create the need for new knowledge and training in the car repair chain, not to mention new tools and equipment that will allow working on vehicles with systems that until a few years ago were unknown.

Lease Europe, the European federation of rental and leasing companies, will also present its vision of the future and what kind of services will be required of the repair sector in light of a trend that sees European citizens increasingly willing to purchase mobility services instead of cars.

Participants will then hear from the final strategic link in the supply chain, the mechanic, represented by CECRA, European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs, which will explain to the audience how the changes will affect not only the techniques used for the maintenance and repair of new vehicles, but also the new services that mechanics will have to offer to an increasingly demanding customer base.

It is evident that in such a market scenario the distribution of spare parts will also be heavily involved, and this will be discussed by a representative of FIGIEFA, the European association of independent spare part distributors and dealers, who will explain how these changes will result in, among other things, the establishment of larger market players, more structured logistics, web-based services.

Last but certainly not least, visitors will hear from EGEA, the European association that brings together manufacturers of automotive equipment, which will speak to the public about the evolution of equipment in light of new forms of mobility. Expectations include the presence of self-learning equipment, networked workshops and automatic management of repairs, for a business that will be increasingly sophisticated.

The IAM19 conference will conclude by opening the floor to the public and a round table that will involve AICA and EGEA, the American Autocare association and the German ASA Verband, important representatives of the independent automotive maintenance supply chain, further evidence of AutopromotecEDU’s global significance.

As the event approaches, further details about IAM19’s speakers and content as well as those of the entire AutopromotecEDU calendar will be made available. To stay up to date with all the latest developments regarding Autopromotec 2019 and the AutopromotecEDU conference calendar, please visit the website at www.autopromotec.com and follow the trade show on social networks:

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About Autopromotec:
Autopromotec is an international exhibition for automotive equipment and aftermarket products that takes place every two years at the Bologna Exhibition Centre. Founded in 1965, the event is organised by Promotec, a services company owned by AIRP – Associazione Italiana Ricostruttori Pneumatici (Italian Tyre Retreaders Association) and AICA – Associazione Italiana Costruttori Autoattrezzature (Italian Automotive Equipment Manufacturers Association). Its unique formula is based on the specialisation, professionalism and quality of the exhibition, a true meeting point between manufacturers and users.

The trade show – which includes over 580 product categories, covering all sub-sectors of the aftermarket – takes the form of a selection of specialised fairs, where visitors can easily plan personalised itineraries based on their professional interests. Through intensive promotional activities supported both at an institutional level and by trade associations, over the course of 27 editions Autopromotec has experienced a continued increase in international growth. Each edition of the event focuses great attention on training with AutopromotecEDU, a think tank dedicated to the analysis of the trade and to the most current and innovative topics regarding the automotive aftermarket.

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