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Automechanika Shanghai, one of the few large-scale automotive shows able to be held during the Covid-19 pandemic, opened this week, giving exhibitors and attendees ample opportunities to meet both in-person and remotely.

Organizers said the show was held in close cooperation with local Shanghai authorities to ensure a safe show for attendees.

“The team has worked diligently to ensure Automechanika Shanghai remains a relevant and safe platform for all participants, no matter if they are taking part onsite or tuning in online,” said Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd. “Its global influence remains a huge pull factor for both international and domestic players wanting to gain insights into the current market situation, and strengthen their position following the latest ‘Dual Circulation’ policy in China. On this account, we have tweaked the landscape of our themes and activities to reflect ongoing market demands and needs.”

This year’s edition of the show is welcoming 3,845 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions. A number of country and region pavilions from Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Israel are being hosted in an area of the show’s Tomorrow’s Services & Mobility for the first time, organizers said.  

A number of brands already well-known in the United States and North America are exhibiting at Automechanika Shanghai. Those include Arnott Air Suspension, LIQUI MOLY, MAHLE, Launch and FUCHS. A burgeoning presence of companies with commercial vehicle expertise also are exhibiting, with more than 50 percent of exhibitors offering solutions in the sector.

“In recent years, commercial vehicle manufacturing and the aftermarket has grown steadily. The local Government’s continued investment into better road infrastructure and support of alternate energy commercial vehicles has reinforced its position in the market,” said Cheng Yongshun, Vice President of China National Machinery Industry International. “Its rising demand is clearly reflected in the expansion of the Truck Competence. Through this, we are seeing more prospects for collaboration and innovation, much of which has been led by the increased digitalization in the segment.”

On Thursday for the first time, the Automotive Aftermarket Summit went hybrid. During one of the highly anticipated panel discussions Ricky Wang, AASA CAF Vice Chairman, Vice President and General Manager of APAC Brake Parts Inc, discussed the impact of the pandemic in the aftermarket with onsite and remote speakers from various countries and regions. Among those was Paul McCarthy, President and Chief Operating Officer of AASA, who joined the in-person panel members virtually. The session was titled, “Global Industry Leaders Assess the Impact of the Epidemic on the Aftermarket in Different Regions: New Trends, New Challenges and New Opportunities.”

Participants in the Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2020 speak both in-person and virtually in Shanghai.

Philippe Thegner, CAF Chair, delivered the program’s opening remarks. “The summit has been a success as we have been able to provide a robust update on the global market with global leaders,” Thegner said. “The commentary around the penetration of lower-tier Chinese cities, increasing competition among local and global parts suppliers, and preparing for EV and smart/autonomous vehicle disruption that will scale in China before any other market was inspiring and exciting.”

On the topic of trends as a result of the pandemic, McCarthy said, “The interesting thing about this pandemic isn’t that it’s led to new trends or changed the trends. What it has done is turbocharged them. Things that might have happened five years out, are happening sooner. And they are happening in greater volume. We’ve seen that with digitalization, with e-tailing, with consolidation pressures in the industry.”

The panel also include

  • Gaël Escribe, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, Nexus Automotive International SA (Online)
  • Christian Kuechlin, Director and GM of MAHLE Aftermarket Asia Pacific (Onsite)
  • Hans-Peter Tuerk, GM of MS Motorservice, Asia Pacific Co Ltd (Onsite)
  • Steven Hai, Consulting Lead Partner of PwC China Automotive (Onsite)

Automechanika Shanghai is taking the idea of remote access to the show to a new level with AMS Live, a hybrid digital show. The digital platform began Nov. 30 and runs through Dec. 6, running alongside the physical trade show, which concludes Saturday.

To find out more about AMS Live, visit the official website at www.automechanika-shanghai.com/ams-live.

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