Bill Hanvey, president & CEO of the Auto Care Association, appeared recently as part of a panel discussion at Autopromotec 2019 in Bologna, Italy. Part of the discussion centered on the role of data and the issues that both Europe and the U.S. face with regard to data and vehicles. 

“This conference very well could have been held in the United States and the same issues are taking place in the United States that they are here in Europe,” Hanvey said. 

“What I think is important to point out is the fact that we are a global industry. We are a $1 trillion industry combined, in this room. And I think it’s very important that we have a unified front together, that we approach things together. People have been predicting our demise since the crank-start of the vehicle. We are now into automation and we will survive. And not only will we survive, but we will thrive. And the way that the Auto Care Association is approaching, especially the data issue, is from three perspectives.”

Hear what Hanvey had to say on the data issue

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