ATMC presents results from 2020 Training Benchmarks Survey

In other news, the ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC) has announced recipients of its prestigious National Excellence in Training Awards.

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In a recent ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC) webinar, President Dave Milne highlighted results from the 2020 ATMC Training Benchmarks Survey which surveys those employed by the vehicle service industry. With more than 6,200 responses from working service personnel, this annual survey continues to yield accurate insights into the demographics of the workforce and their preferences for, and participation in, training.

Among important findings were:
• The average age of our service professional workforce is 47 years old.

• OE dealership technicians average 28 hours of structured training per year. Techs working in independent shops average 14 hours of structured training per year, and techs employed by fleets average 16 hours of training per year.

• Technicians believe they need (on average) 38 hours of structured training per year.

• More than half of technicians perceive their areas of greatest training need are Electrical/Electronic and Hybrid/EV Systems.

• Technicians’ perception of their access to training has become increasingly negative over the past four years.

Results from the survey are summarized at

ATMC Honors Award Recipients

In other news, the ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC) has announced recipients of its prestigious National Excellence in Training Awards. These annual awards shine a spotlight on highly effective or innovative training programs and emphasize the importance of training to the success of the transportation industry.

The 2020 winners of the ATMC National Excellence in Training Awards are:

Motor Coach Industries, “High Voltage Safety Program” (Grand Award winner)

Subaru of America, “Continuously Variable Transmission Diagnosis”

Allison Transmission, “Allison 3000/4000 Maintenance and Overhaul ILT”

All programs submitted for the award are judged by a panel of peers on how the program addresses critical components that comprise a well-structured training program. It was noted that Motor Coach Industries is a four-time winner of the Grand Award.

About The ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC)
The ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of training and professional development within the transportation service industry. A division of ASE, the council helps members keep up with innovations in automotive training by facilitating interaction among its members and serves as a leadership forum for training professionals to promote world class training standards in the automotive, heavy duty and related industries.

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